Stellantis clashes with suppliers, spilling into court and shutting down plants

The maker of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram brands has taken a hard line toward parts makers seeking inflationary cost relief, rolling out a “no more claims” policy earlier this year......»»

Category: topSource:  autonewsApr 15th, 2024

NASA planes fly over Baltimore power plants and landfills measuring air pollution, greenhouse gases

Planes are circling over power plants, landfills and airports around Baltimore collecting data for NASA on air pollutants and greenhouse gases......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 18th, 2024

9to5Mac Daily: June 18, 2024 – Apple Pay Later shutting down, more

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsore.....»»

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Stellantis recalls nearly 1.2 million vehicles in North America for rearview camera issue

Stellantis has issued 30 recalls in the U.S. so far this year affecting about 2.2 million vehicles, NHTSA data shows......»»

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High fliers: Pleasure-seeking parrots are using aromatic plants, stinky ants and alcohol to preen themselves

Birds have been known to seek out pungent chemicals for various reasons. Some consume fermented fruits with gusto and suffer the ill effects. Others expose themselves to ants, but only the stinky kind. These ants produce useful antimicrobials and ins.....»»

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FTC jumped the gun with CARS Rule, dealer groups tell court

The National Automobile Dealers Association and Texas Automobile Dealers Association are continuing to press the argument the Federal Trade Commission jumped the gun and failed to follow proper rulemaking process with its new dealership regulations......»»

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Stellantis, once a champion of working from home, brought engineers back to office

Stellantis approved remote work in recent years, and in the process drastically reduced office space and sold real estate assets. Labor unions have criticized the intensity of the push......»»

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Ending native forest logging would help Australia"s climate goals much more than planting trees

Australia contains some of the world's most biologically diverse and carbon-dense native forests. Eucalypts in wet temperate forests are the tallest flowering plants in the world and home to an array of unique tree-dwelling marsupials, rare birds, in.....»»

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Stellantis cuts costs rather than turn defensive as Chinese threat grows

CEO Carlos Tavares said Stellantis would stick to its "asset light" strategy in China, mainly focused on exporting to the country rather than manufacturing there.  .....»»

Category: topSource:  autonewsRelated NewsJun 15th, 2024

Stellantis exec departures raise alarm among U.S. dealers, salaried workers

Four prominent North American executives have left in recent months as CEO Carlos Tavares pushes Stellantis to improve its performance and cut costs......»»

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Tesla shareholders re-approve Elon Musk’s $44.9 billion pay package

Court battle over pay plan will continue despite Musk winning shareholder vote. Enlarge / Elon Musk. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) Tesla shareholders have re-approved CEO Elon Musk's $44.9 billion pay package, the c.....»»

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Jeep planning sub-$25,000 Renegade EV as it targets 1.5 million global sales

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has said the sweet spot for affordable EVs is around $25,000. Jeep plans to undercut that price with an electric Renegade around 2027......»»

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One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down

Selling "hard braking event" data seems less lucrative after public outcry. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) One of the major data brokers engaged in the deeply alienating practice of selling detailed driver behavior data.....»»

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Musk says he’s winning Tesla shareholder vote on pay plan by “wide margin”

Court battle over pay plan will continue even if Musk wins shareholder vote. Enlarge / Elon Musk. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) Elon Musk said last night that Tesla shareholders provided enough votes to re-approve h.....»»

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Engineered plants produce human milk sugars that could lead to healthier baby formula

Worldwide, a majority of babies—approximately 75%—drink infant formula in their first six months of life, either as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement to breastfeeding. But while formula provides essential food for growing babies, it c.....»»

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Summer slumber: How seeds go dormant to combat harsh conditions

Plants are highly versatile organisms that have developed remarkable strategies to adapt to different environments. One such strategy is seed dormancy, an adaptation that temporally prevents viable seeds from germinating even under optimal conditions.....»»

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Court rules dealership"s salesman violated noncompete agreement

A used-car salesman at a suburban Detroit dealership violated a 12-month, 25-mile noncompete agreement by taking a new job at a rival same-make store six miles away, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled......»»

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Humans are the elephant in the room when it comes to conservation models

Humans are outsized actors in the world's wild places where there are struggles to preserve and protect vital natural resources and animals, birds and plants. Yet people and their plus-sized footprint are rarely discussed in models seeking to predict.....»»

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Mongolian grasslands study reveals key drivers of plant community stability in changing climate

An international research team has undertaken a study of plants in the Mongolian grasslands to evaluate the stability of these plant communities over time. They specifically looked at how the dryness of the climate impacted the plant communities and.....»»

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Researchers explore the molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potentials of essential oils

Essential oils, also known as ethereal oils, are volatile, aromatic compounds derived from plants. Found in only about 10% of the plant kingdom, these oils are present in secretory structures such as glands, ducts, cavities, and hairs. Chemically, th.....»»

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Scientists engineer yellow-seeded camelina with high oil output

Efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from transportation fuels are increasing demand for oil produced by nonfood crops. These plants use sunlight to power the conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into oil, which accumulates in seeds. Crop.....»»

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