Study explores coevolution of mammals and their lice

According to a new study, the first louse to take up residence on a mammalian host likely started out as a parasite of birds. That host-jumping event tens of millions of years ago began the long association between mammals and lice, setting the stage.....»»

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Hubble investigates the gorgeous remnants of a supernova

Scientists are using data from Hubble data of the famous Cygnus Loop supernova remnant to study how these remnants change over time......»»

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Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of world grain production: study

Most gardeners know that earthworms help keep soils healthy, now scientists have assessed just how important their underground activities are to global food production—and how to protect them......»»

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Saturday Citations: Volcano vs. asteroid; NASA"s supernova time lapse; immortal chemicals

This week, we're highlighting a study involving toxic chemical contaminants, and just for fun, a second study involving other toxic chemical contaminants. But NASA made a cool time-lapse video using the good old Hubble space telescope, and a group of.....»»

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Timing plant evolution with a fast-ticking epigenetic clock

Recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics, the study of inheritance of traits that occur without changing the DNA sequence, have shown that chronological age in mammals correlates with epigenetic changes that accumulate during the lifetime of an.....»»

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Endangered red wolf can make it in the wild, but not without "significant" help, study says

The endangered red wolf can survive in the wild, but only with "significant additional management intervention," according to a long-awaited population viability analysis released Friday......»»

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Research team envisions a bright future with active machine learning in chemical engineering

Chemical engineering researchers have a powerful new tool at their disposal: active machine learning. In a recent perspective article published in Engineering, Kevin M. Van Geem's research team at Ghent University explores the potential of active mac.....»»

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Climate change and carnivores: Shifts in the distribution and effectiveness of protected areas in the Amazon

A new article published in PeerJ, authored by Camila Ferreira Leão at Universidade Federal do Pará sheds light on the effects of climate change on carnivorous mammals in the Amazon and their representation within Protected Areas (PAs). "Climate cha.....»»

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Genome study reveals 30 years of Darwin"s finch evolution

An international team of researchers has released a study on contemporary evolutionary change in natural populations. Their study uses one of the largest genomic datasets ever produced for animals in their natural environment, comprising nearly 4,000.....»»

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Study shows bacteria in the soil can defy periods of drought

While many bacteria become inactive during dry spells, specific groups persist and even thrive. A new study, published in Nature Communications and conducted by the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) at the University.....»»

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Explosion in fish biodiversity due to genetic recycling, study shows

Scientists show that the extraordinary diversity of cichlid fish in Africa's Lake Victoria was made possible by "genetic recycling"—repeated cycles of new species appearing and rapidly adapting to different roles in the ecosystem. An evolutionary c.....»»

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Climate model provides data-driven answer to major goal of climate research

A new research study from The University of Alabama in Huntsville, a part of the University of Alabama System, addresses a central question of climate change research: how much warming can be expected from adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere thro.....»»

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Protein may hold key to preventing a tick-borne disease

A study led by researchers at Washington State University has pinpointed a protein that appears to play a pivotal role in how a harmful bacteria that causes the disease anaplasmosis establishes itself in ticks before being transmitted to unwitting hu.....»»

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Climate change filtered out resource-acquisitive plants in a temperate grassland, finds study

Evidence is mounting that climate change is triggering biodiversity loss, changing community composition and ecosystem functions. However, the intricate mechanisms underpinning ecological processes remain an enigma, motivating researchers to dissect.....»»

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Research team discovers dual effects of chelerythrine in fighting mobile colistin resistance

A research team from China has made an innovative discovery in the fight against mobile colistin resistance. Their study, published in Engineering, reveals the dual effects of feed-additive-derived chelerythrine in combating the spread of the mcr-1 g.....»»

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Mindfulness is a powerful tool to reduce workplace stress, study finds

In the fast-paced corporate world where stress can be an unwelcome colleague for many employees, SFU researchers have found that mindfulness can reduce workplace stress by helping to narrow employees' views of work tasks as threats......»»

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Garumbatitan: A new giant dinosaur in the Lower Cretaceous of the Iberian Peninsula

A new study describes a new sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Iberian Peninsula 122 million years ago. This new species of dinosaur, Garumbatitan morellensis, was described from remains discovered in Morella (Castelló, Spain) and made it possible.....»»

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The "Grandmother Hypothesis": Skin behind the ears and between the toes can host a collection of unhealthy microbes

Grandmother was right: Scrubbing behind the ears and between the toes may help keep the skin in those regions healthy, or so says a new study by a team at the George Washington University......»»

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Grandparent childcare may not help the well-being of mothers or reduce mother–child conflict, study suggests

Extra help from another generation alone doesn't help mother–child closeness or reduce mother–child conflict, researchers have found......»»

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New animal behavior tech aims to save wildlife

Facial recognition software used to study the social behavior of individual Greylag Geese in Europe will soon be used to monitor one of the rarest geese in the world, the Cape Barren Goose in South Australia......»»

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Superbolts: Scientists figure out what causes Earth"s strongest lightning

Superbolts are more likely to strike the closer a storm cloud's electrical charging zone is to the land or ocean's surface, a new study finds. These conditions are responsible for superbolt "hotspots" above some oceans and tall mountains......»»

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