Study shows climate change disrupts seasonal flow of rivers

Climate change is disrupting the seasonal flow of rivers in the far northern latitudes of America, Russia and Europe and is posing a threat to water security and ecosystems, according to research published in Science......»»

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New research highlights aging dog health care needs

New research from the University of Liverpool shows that dog owners think many important changes in their older pets are "just old age," when actually they are signs of serious health problems......»»

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Bumblebees don"t care about pesticide cocktails: Research highlights their resilience to chemical stressors

Bumblebees appear to be quite resistant to common pesticides. This is shown by a new study, the results of which have now been published by scientists from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) in the journal Environment International......»»

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Research revives 1800s photos

Researchers from Western University developed techniques for creating images from old, badly tarnished photographs. These techniques could also be used to study other historic artifacts and fossils and prevent corrosion in modern materials......»»

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The South"s aging water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change. Fixing it is also a struggle

Climate change is threatening America's water infrastructure as intensifying storms deluge communities and droughts dry up freshwater supplies in regions that aren't prepared......»»

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Northern permafrost region emits more greenhouse gases than it captures, study finds

Permafrost underlies about 14 million square kilometers of land in and around the Arctic. The top 3 meters contain an estimated 1 trillion metric tons of carbon and 55 billion metric tons of nitrogen. Historically, the northern permafrost region has.....»»

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The great tits in this Oxford wood are adapting their breeding times as climate changes

As part of a team of ecologists, I've been studying aspects of great tit biology at Wytham Woods near Oxford. One aspect of our research is how climate change affects their breeding behavior. So far, our research suggests that these great tits have b.....»»

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Study uses thermodynamics to describe expansion of the universe

The idea that the universe is expanding dates from almost a century ago. It was first put forward by Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaître (1894–1966) in 1927 and confirmed observationally by American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) two years l.....»»

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Study says parent perceptions of school meals influence student participation in school meal programs

A new study suggests that the way parents view school meals can impact how likely their children are to participate in meal programs at school......»»

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New radar analysis method can improve winter river safety

University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers have developed a way to use radar to detect open water zones and other changes in Alaska's frozen rivers in the early winter. The approach can be automated to provide current hazard maps and is applicable ac.....»»

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Nanovials method for immune cell screening uncovers receptors that target prostate cancer

A recent UCLA study demonstrates a new process for screening T cells, part of the body's natural defenses, for characteristics vital to the success of cell-based treatments. The method filters T cells based on the receptor proteins found on their sur.....»»

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Millions of gamers advance biomedical research by helping to reconstruct microbial evolutionary histories

Leveraging gamers and video game technology can dramatically boost scientific research, according to a new study published today in Nature Biotechnology......»»

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Scientists say coral reefs around the world are experiencing mass bleaching in warming oceans

Coral reefs around the world are experiencing global bleaching for the fourth time, top reef scientists declared Monday, a result of warming ocean waters amid human-caused climate change......»»

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Boron deficiency in oilseed rape transcriptome resembles a wounding and infection response

Boron deficiency has a devastating effect on oilseed rape and related plants. However, little is known about the underlying genetic mechanisms. A study shows that the response to persistent or short-term acute boron deficiency is similar to that seen.....»»

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School suspensions and exclusions put vulnerable children at risk, study shows

Managing problematic student behavior is one of the most persistent, challenging, and controversial issues facing schools today. Yet despite best intentions to build a more inclusive and punitive-free education system, school suspensions and expulsio.....»»

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Out on dry land: Water shortage threatens species in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania

Climate change is not the only cause of arid landscapes. A research team led by the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) has investigated the consequences of increased water abstraction for agriculture and livestock farming f.....»»

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Study sheds light on 11th-century Arab-Muslim optical scientist whose work laid foundation for modern-day physics

Scientists from the University of Sharjah and the Warburg Institute are poring over the writings of an 11th-century Arab-Muslim polymath to demonstrate their impact on the development of optical sciences and how they have fundamentally transformed th.....»»

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Here’s how Apple could change your iPhone forever

Ferret UI is an AI system that understands on-screen content and offers actionable insights via natural conversations. It could change the iPhone forever......»»

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3 TV shows on Tubi you should watch in April 2024

Our picks for the three TV shows on Tubi to watch in April include a landmark police procedural and an award-winning adaptation of a famous novel......»»

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How do trees survive dry and hot summers? Leaf lifespan and growth recovery are key

Climate change has an effect on forests and trees. They suffer from heat waves and periods of drought. But although we see tree mortality increase as a result, much is still unknown about the underlying mechanisms......»»

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Study unearths survival strategies of root systems

New research from The University of Western Australia has examined how fine root lifespan is linked to root strategies of resource acquisition and protection......»»

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