Taiwan December export order value hits record, says MOEA

Taiwan-based makers received export orders worth US$67.90 billion in total in December 2021, hitting a monthly record for the second consecutive time with growth 3.7% on month and 12.1% on year, according to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOE.....»»

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NASA"s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captures video of record flight

Imagery has come down from Mars capturing a recent flight in which the rotorcraft flew farther and faster than ever before......»»

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The 66 best movies on Hulu right now (May 2022)

From award-winning dramas to the latest hits, Hulu has an awesome collection of movies. We've compiled the best films currently available on the streamer......»»

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Linker histone"s surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA

To keep order in the tight quarters of the cell nucleus, our DNA is neatly clamped in place around a central disk by H1 linker histone, which helps shepherd DNA into the tidy chromatin fibers that comprise chromosomes. Linker histone, however, is far.....»»

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Projectors in serious shortage, says Acer executive

Global supply of projectors has been far short of demand because semiconductor components are in serious shortage and the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar in November-December is expected to sharply push up global demand for projectors, accord.....»»

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Why Taiwan"s success in semiconductors is not helping its quantum computer tech research

The year 2022 looks poised to become a breakthrough year for quantum computer hardware. But Taiwan, where half of the world's chips are manufactured, is ironically lagging far behind competitors because its semiconductor industry is too successful......»»

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Taiwan Mobile deepens 5G cooperation with Nokia

Telecom operator Taiwan Mobile has disclosed it has signed an expansion deal with Nokia to enhance 5G coverage. To achieve the telecom's goal of using 100% renewable power by 2040, the company said it will prioritize energy-saving equipment......»»

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Vivo intros MediaTek-powered Vivo X80 in Taiwan

Vivo has introduced its new flagship smartphone, the Vivo X80, in the Taiwan market, targeting the high-end segment with a price tag of NT$27,990 (US$952)......»»

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Taiwan pure-play foundries on track to post record revenues in 2022

TSMC, United Microelectronics (UMC), and Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) are all on track to see their revenues hit record highs in the second quarter and all of 2022, according to industry sources......»»

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UMC makes progress in new fab establishment

Pure-play foundry United Microelectronics (UMC) is making progress in the establishment of new 12-inch fabs at its manufacturing sites in southern Taiwan and Singapore, according to its recent company filings with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)......»»

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Micron to start installing EUV fab tools at Taiwan plant at end of 2022

Micron Technology has disclosed plans to start installing EUV fab tools at its DRAM plant in Taichung, central Taiwan later this year......»»

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Smartphone sales in Taiwan remain weak

Handset sales in Taiwan, mostly smartphone models, have been sluggish in May, after hitting a 10-month low in the previous month, according to sources from local retail channels......»»

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BOE likely to keep place in Apple supply chain despite OLED design issue

BOE Technology is unlikely to be excluded from Apple's OLED panel supply chain although it has had issues with the design of OLED panels for the iPhone 13, according to supply sources in Taiwan......»»

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ICT firms explore automotive cybersecurity solutions

Taiwan-based ICT companies have expanded their businesses into the future vehicle market, placing a strong focus on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and automotive cybersecurity solutions......»»

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Taiwan tech firms deepen deployments for future vehicles

Taiwan-based tech companies have stepped up their deployments for future vehicles in recent years, with TSMC, Delta Electronics, Quanta Computer, and Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) successfully cutting into related supply chains......»»

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WiBase unveils cold chain management solutions at Computex 2022

WiBase Industrial Solutions, a subsidiary of the Wistron Group, is showcasing a smart dash cam system that is able to record data during the transportation of a cold chain at Computex 2022......»»

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Silergy sees strong PMIC demand for automobile and server

Power management IC (PMIC) designer Silergy still sees tight production capacity while anticipating increasing demand, with order visibility extending more than a year, according to company chairman Chen Wei......»»

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Infineon unveils WLC1115 transmitter controller IC for wireless charging at 2022 Computex

Infineon Technologies has unveiled WLC1115, its latest 15W power transmitter controller IC for wireless charging, at Computex 2022, according to Infineon Taiwan......»»

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Against all odds, crypto mining on Nvidia GPUs is back again

Crafty hardware manufacturers started turning Nvidia's laptop GPUs into desktop models in order to bypass the LHR restriction that blocks crypto mining......»»

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Sigstore: Signature verification for protection against supply chain attacks

Software supply chain attacks have been increasing over the past few years, spurring the Biden administration to release an executive order detailing what government agencies are supposed to do to protect themselves against them. These attacks consis.....»»

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Lithia Motors sells Subaru dealership; Dobbs buys Chevy store

Three dealerships in three states trade hands in separate transactions spanning from December to May......»»

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