The Higgs boson, ten years after its discovery

Ten years ago, on July 4 2012, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) announced the discovery of a new particle with features consistent with those of the Higgs boson predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. T.....»»

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FTC privacy push could begin today but take years to come into effect

An FTC privacy push could begin as soon as today, says a new report, thanks to the determination of chair Lina Khan to make this a key issue for the commission. However, insiders say that the process of drawing up FTC privacy rules is likely to be a.....»»

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Recreating the song of a 150-year-old insect could help rediscover its species

A museum specimen has been heard for the first time in 150 years after scientists digitally recreated its song......»»

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Apple celebrates 40 years in Australia with initiatives to help the local community

Apple on Thursday celebrates 40 years of operations in Australia. And because of this, the company announced a number of initiatives that will help not only the local community, but also the planet. Among these initiatives are projects to push the u.....»»

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Apple celebrates 40 years in Australia with new energy and education initiatives

Tim Cook has announced a series of grants, coding opportunities, and renewable energy goals as Apple marks its fourth decade in Australia.Just as it did with 40 years in France, and then in Singapore, Apple has chosen to celebrate its Australia anniv.....»»

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50 years of research productivity trends across fields and genders

An analysis of scholarly research papers published in the last 50 years provides new insights into trends in research productivity, highlighting an overall increase in productivity and a worldwide gender gap. Milad Haghani of the University of New So.....»»

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Math error: A new study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception

A new study corrects an important error in the 3D mathematical space developed by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger and others, and used by scientists and industry for more than 100 years to describe how your eye distinguishes one.....»»

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Newly described "solar clock" can precisely predict solar cycle events years in advance

Ever since humans could first observe sunspots about 400 years ago, we've been using them to try to define the solar cycle. Approximately every 11 years, solar activity such as sunspots and solar flares ebbs and flows, causing changes to weather patt.....»»

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NASA"s Fermi telescope confirms star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles

Astronomers have long sought the launch sites for some of the highest-energy protons in our galaxy. Now a study using 12 years of data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope confirms that one supernova remnant is just such a place......»»

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The best OnePlus phones for 2022

OnePlus has built quite the tech empire over the last few years, with a wider array of models than ever. We break down the best that OnePlus has to offer......»»

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Google is absolutely terrified of iMessage on the iPhone

Google is trying to bully Apple with the help of Android fans. It wants the iPhone maker to support RCS, the messaging system that Google settled on for Android after years of desperate meandering to find a worthy iMessage alternative. Google calls f.....»»

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Google Fiber was stalled for years but now says it’ll expand to 5 new states

ISP's history suggests you can expect only limited availability in each area. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kalief Browder) Google Fiber says it will expand its fiber-to-the-home Internet service to several new states for th.....»»

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This sustainable apparel company was born from an entrepreneur"s love of surfing

Growing up windsurfing and spearfishing on the island of St. Bart’s definitely gave Keefer Charneau a certain simpatico with the ocean, but it wasn’t until he went on a surfing trip to Indonesia a few years back that he started to think a.....»»

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Lab successfully demonstrates new technique to improve particle beams

Physicists love to smash particles together and study the resulting chaos. Therein lies the discovery of new particles and strange physics, generated for tiny fractions of a second and recreating conditions often not seen in our universe for billions.....»»

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New long-necked dinosaur helps rewrite evolutionary history of sauropods in South America

A medium-sized sauropod dinosaur inhabited the tropical lowland forested area of the Serranía del Perijá in northern Colombia approximately 175 million years ago, according to a new study by an international team of researchers published in the Jou.....»»

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Splatoon 3 will recieve at least 2 years of support, expansion teased

Splatoon 3 is to receive two years of support with a possibly teased DLC expansion......»»

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Neutrons help track down mammalian ancestors

A team of German and Argentinian researchers has used neutrons in the FRM II research neutron source at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to identify an animal species that has been extinct for 220 million years. Findings on the new species pr.....»»

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Higgs10: Inventing the future of Higgs research

In 1975, three CERN theorists, John Ellis, Mary K. Gaillard and Dimitri Nanopoulos, undertook the first comprehensive study of the collider phenomenology of the Higgs boson. Almost 40 years later, it was discovered at the LHC. Now, ten years on, migh.....»»

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Landslides increasingly threaten the world"s urban poor

Over the last fifty years, disasters caused by landslides and floods have become ten times more frequent, despite landslides being significantly underreported in global databases. Worldwide, 4500 people are killed on average each year already, and la.....»»

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Evidence that giant meteorite impacts created the continents

New Curtin research has provided the strongest evidence yet that Earth's continents were formed by giant meteorite impacts that were particularly prevalent during the first billion years or so of our planet's four-and-a-half-billion year history......»»

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What has Broadcom become?

Broadcom began its existence as a spin-off of a spin-off. Twenty years or so ago, Hewlett Packard began its process of miniaturization. First spinning off Agilent which contained a hodgepodge of businesses that were not related to PCs or printers. Ag.....»»

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