TikTok Hits Pause On Its Most Controversial Privacy Update Yet

Early last month, TikTok users across Europe were told that, starting July 13th, the platform would begin using their on-app data to serve up targeted ads, even if those users didn't consent to the practice. Now, less than a day before that change wo.....»»

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Meta threatens to remove news content over US journalism bargaining bill

Facebook owner Meta threatened to remove news content from its platforms on Monday following reports that US lawmakers have added controversial legislation favoring news media to the annual defense authorization bill......»»

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Callisto Protocol devs say “damn clerical error” caused PC frame rate issues

New patch fixes widespread stuttering caused by "rushed" shader compilation update. Enlarge / Artist's conception of PC players getting hit with stuttering frame rates on the launch version of The Callisto Protocol. In.....»»

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DOJ antitrust regulators should look at Apple, Google"s handling of TikTok, says FCC commissioner

Apple and Google's continued hosting of TikTok on their app stores, despite US national security concerns about the short-form video app, reflects the tech giants' "gatekeeper" power and should be made part of any antitrust reviews the app stores may.....»»

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Fashion brand"s controversial new campaign and the long history of "shockvertising"

Kim Kardashian is refining her personal brand. Right-wing news outlet Fox TV is gaining viewers through attention-grabbing headlines. Photographer Gabriele Galimberti is gaining notoriety. All this is due to a recent advertising campaign from leading.....»»

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OnePlus 11’s controversial design returns in new ‘official’ renders

Additional OnePlus 11 renders have arrived, now providing an "official" look at the design. And it's... something......»»

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Bizarre SiriusXM code flaw accused of unlocking smart vehicles

The flaw, affecting numerous cars around the world, has since been patched, so update now......»»

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The best romantic comedies on Netflix (December 2022)

Romantic comedies are the perfect movies to curl up to when you're in a lighthearted mood, and Netflix offers a nice selection, from recent hits to classics......»»

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How to post a Short on YouTube

Recording and posting a YouTube Short video is pretty similar to how posting a video is done on TikTok. Here's how to do it......»»

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Nvidia patches a whole host of GPU driver security bugs

Update to Nvidia GPU driver may prevent denial of service attacks, information disclosure, or data tampering......»»

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Android December update lets you share your digital car keys with iPhones

Google will soon roll out multiple quality of life changes including a Reading Mode for the visually impaired......»»

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Samsung’s Android app-signing key has leaked, is being used to sign malware

The cryptographic key proves an update is legit, assuming your OEM doesn't lose it. (credit: Dsimic) A developer's cryptographic signing key is one of the major linchpins of Android security. Any time Android updates an.....»»

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Google rolls out a bunch of a new Android features in time for the holidays

Are you looking forward to new Android features? If you are, then check out the latest update from Google. The post Google rolls out a bunch of a new Android features in time for the holidays first appeared on Phandroid. From time to time,.....»»

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The best horror movies on Amazon Prime (December 2022)

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent place to catch up with all the best modern horror hits and chilling classics......»»

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Wednesday’s ending explained

Wednesday is one of Netflix's biggest hits, and the ending leaves several unanswered questions for a potential season 2. We reveal what happened in the finale......»»

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Digital car keys can be shared between iPhone and Pixel users

Google released an update for Pixel phones that allow users to send and receive digital car keys to iPhone users.Car Key now shareable across iPhone and Pixel devicesApple first introduced digital car key support in iOS 13.6 and Pixel users can now s.....»»

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Social media is out of control & needs regulation, says Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham says he will soon unveil legislation to form a bipartisan Digital Regulatory Commission to deal with abuses of power and free speech at Apple and the rest of Big Tech.Sen. Graham (R-SC) has previously backed the controversial E.....»»

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Coinbase doesn"t want to pay Apple for in-app NFT transfers

Coinbase removed the ability for users to send NFTs in its iOS app because Apple sees crypto "gas" fees as something that should be paid with in-app purchase — requiring the fee.Coinbase removes NFT featureThe app update was withheld until Coinbase.....»»

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Russian mercenary videos "top 1bn views" on TikTok

The platform is said to be hosting hundreds of videos that celebrate the Russian Wagner group......»»

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Homelessness researchers get real-time data from mobile phone surveys

Few laws from Los Angeles City Hall spark as much debate as those dealing with homelessness. Look no further than the city's controversial ordinance banning camping in certain public places, which became a hot-button issue ahead of the municipal elec.....»»

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Cybersecurity engineering under the Federal Trade Commission

When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) releases new regulations or changes to existing ones, the implications may not be obvious to the average business or company employees. The FTC and privacy The FTC is a federal agency that protects consumers fr.....»»

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