To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan"s space ambitions

Japan's space industry opened potentially an udder-ly new chapter on Thursday with a start-up testing a prototype rocket engine that runs on fuel derived purely from a plentiful local source: cow dung......»»

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Footage shows capsule diving through Earth"s atmosphere at blazing speed

A Varda Space Industries’ spacecraft, W-1, recently plummeted to Earth. Here's dramatic footage the capsule filmed as it sped through our planet's atmosphere at Mach 25, which is about 25 times the speed of sound. A well-fortified capsule whi.....»»

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Elon Musk"s X has a new policy that discourages — but doesn"t prohibit — anti-trans hate

A new hate speech policy has enraged X's right wing users by simply discouraging, but not prohibiting anti-trans harassment. X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, just became a slightly safer space for its transgender users – even if.....»»

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Get 1TB of cloud storage with no recurring fees for $140

Koofr's lifetime cloud storage provides 1TB of space for your files, photos, videos, and more — $139.97 until March 3. TL;DR: This lifetime cloud storage plan is only $139.97 with coupon KOOFR until March 3.Keeping all your files in order is.....»»

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Jaw-dropping Webb photo reveals how the universe turned its lights on

Scientists used the James Webb Space Telescope to view some of the earliest galaxies in the universe, revealing how these objects may have cleared cosmic gas and ended the Dark Ages. The universe was once stuck in the Dark Ages.It was time when.....»»

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Best Buy is blowing out Apple"s MacBook Pro (24GB RAM, 1TB SSD) at $1,399

Best Buy is crushing the competition with a record-breaking price drop on Apple's loaded MacBook Pro 13-inch with 24GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.Both Silver and Space Gray color options are eligible for the $600 cash discount, with My Best Buy Plus member.....»»

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Brown bears digging up artificial forests, study shows

Brown bears foraging for food in the Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaido, Japan, have been disrupting tree growth in artificial conifer forests, according to a new study published in Ecology. Researchers compared soil and tree samples from human-forested.....»»

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For Virgin Galactic, becoming profitable means a pause in flying to space

Virgin Galactic has just one more flight planned for its only operational spaceship. Enlarge / Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity rocket plane ignites its rocket motor moments after release from a jet-powered carrier aircraft high above.....»»

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Scientists discover radiation from massive stars shapes planetary systems

How do planetary systems such as the solar system form? To find out, CNRS scientists taking part in an international research team studied a stellar nursery, the Orion Nebula, using the James Webb Space Telescope. By observing a protoplanetary disk n.....»»

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SpaceX delays Crew-8 launch, but lines up Starlink launch instead

Bad weather conditions on the launch corridor for a human spaceflight from Kennedy Space Center have prompted a two-day delay, so SpaceX took the opportunity to roll out and try and shoehorn a launch without humans from nearby Cape Canaveral Space Fo.....»»

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Star Wars: KOTOR remake developer reportedly sold by Embracer Group

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 studio Saber Interactive is reportedly being sold by Embracer Group......»»

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With space travel comes motion sickness. These engineers want to help

In a corner room of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building at CU Boulder, Torin Clark is about to go for a ride......»»

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Researchers discover way to bind nanotubes to metals

Carbon nanotubes have shown promise for everything from microelectronics to aviation to energy storage. Researchers think this material might one day fulfill the science fiction dream of creating an elevator to space......»»

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Research progress of layered double hydroxide-based electrocatalyst for water splitting

In the context of the gradual depletion of fossil fuels and the energy crisis, hydrogen energy has attracted widespread attention due to its ultra-high energy density and eco-friendly properties. However, most of the hydrogen production still relies.....»»

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How climate change is messing up the ocean"s biological clock, with unknown long-term consequences

Every year in the mid-latitudes of the planet, a peculiar phenomenon known as the phytoplankton spring bloom occurs. Visible from space, spectacular large and ephemeral filament-like shades of green and blue are shaped by the ocean currents......»»

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Researchers discover a new plant species whose name tells a story

A new species and genus of fairy lantern, tiny glass-like white plants that feed on fungi, has been discovered in Japan. In a country known for its extensive flora research, the discovery of a new plant genus is extremely rare and has not occurred in.....»»

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How "the strong force" influences the gravitational wave background

Gravitationally speaking, the universe is a noisy place. A hodgepodge of gravitational waves from unknown sources streams unpredictably around space, including possibly from the early universe......»»

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Could fiber optic cable help scientists probe the deep layers of the moon?

An increasing number of seismologists are using fiber optic cables to detect seismic waves on Earth—but how would this technology fare on the moon, and what would it tell us about the deep layers of our nearest neighbor in space?.....»»

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Ohio-built hydrogen Honda CR-V to start shipping to Japan

Honda's CR-V e:FCEV will use a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain jointly developed with General Motors and be assembled in Ohio for delivery this year to Japan and California......»»

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Russian space officials say air leak at International Space Station poses no danger to its crew

Russian space officials on Wednesday acknowledged a continuing air leak from the Russian segment of the International Space Station, but said it poses no danger to its crew......»»

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SpaceX reschedules this week’s Crew-8 launch to the space station

NASA and SpaceX are making final preparations for Crew-8's flight to the International Space Station in a launch targeted for Saturday night......»»

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