Unleash Your Power-Ups: Advanced Methods for Amplifying Your Online Gaming Abilities

In the dynamic world of online gaming, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just quick reflexes and strategic thinking. It demands a deep understanding of the game mechanics, mastery of advanced techniques, and the ability to leverage.....»»

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Apple announces special event for May 7: ‘Let Loose’

Apple has announced a special event for May 7, teasing “Let Loose.” The event will be online and take place at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET. It’s expected to focus on new iPad hardware and accessories, with a new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple Pencil, and M.....»»

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HMD Pulse Briefly Appears in Store Listing

Online retailer Gigantti briefly listed the HMD Pulse seemingly ahead of its actual launch schedule. The post HMD Pulse Briefly Appears in Store Listing appeared first on Phandroid. In case you’re curious about HMD Global’s fir.....»»

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Microsoft’s Phi-3 shows the surprising power of small, locally run AI language models

Microsoft’s 3.8B parameter Phi-3 may rival GPT-3.5, signaling a new era of “small language models." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new, freely available lightweight AI language model.....»»

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Snag this 34-inch LG Curved Ultrawide WQHD monitor for $249

The LG 34-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor is perfect for all your productivity needs as well as gaming. It's on sale now at Walmart for a great price......»»

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This BLUETTI portable power station is truly weatherproof

The BLUETTI AC240 portable power station is weather-resistant and ideal for use everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, on the road, and beyond......»»

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The Razer Blade RTX 40 series gaming laptops are on sale right now

The Razer Blade RTX 40 series gaming laptops are on sale right now with some hefty discounts. If you're looking to upgrade, check these deals out......»»

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Spintronics research shows material"s magnetic properties can predict how a spin current changes with temperature

Spintronics is a field garnering immense attention for its range of potential advantages for conventional electronics. These include reducing power consumption, high-speed operation, non-volatility, and the potential for new functionalities......»»

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Tesla Cybertruck is loaded with advanced technology, says teardown expert Sandy Munro

Teardown expert Sandy Munro bought two Cybertrucks, one to tear down piece by piece and examine, and the other to drive. Munro, 75, detailed for Automotive News much of what he's seen of the Cybertruck's underpinnings......»»

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Hurry! The Razer Blade 17 gaming laptop is 44% off today

Razer has a huge sale going on right now with a Razer Blade 17 laptop reduced by 44% for a limited time. Here's why you need it in your life......»»

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I finally found a gaming laptop utility that’s actually worth using

If you're tired of Asus' Armoury Crate utility, I may have found an alternative worth considering......»»

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How to disable VBS in Windows 11 to improve gaming

Windows 11's security features can cause a drop in gaming performance. If you want to make sure yours isn't impacted, here's how to turn off VBS in Windows 11......»»

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A Redditor ‘didn’t know’ about the Steam Deck, so they built their own

Despite not knowing that the Steam Deck existed, one Redditor decided to build their own handheld gaming PC, dubbing it the Ryzen Deck......»»

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Razer made the best gaming mouse even better

The Razer Viper V3 was a smash success when it released late last year, but now Razer is improving the design with the Viper V3 Pro......»»

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2024 Toyota Tacoma"s hybrid boosts performance, price by $3,700

On sale later this spring, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma's optional i-Force Max powertrain boosts power to 326 hp, fuel economy to up to 24 mpg combined, but also raises price by $3,700......»»

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Alienware m16 R2 vs. Alienware x16 R2: Which 16-inch model is better?

Dell is offering two new 16-inch gaming laptops under the Alienware banner that target two distinct gaming audiences......»»

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Proton adds detailed dark web monitoring for paid plans

Proton is out with the latest upgrade for its users on a paid tier. Dark web monitoring is here to help you keep your online credentials as safe as possible with alerts when you need to update passwords due to data breaches and more. Here’s how it.....»»

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Subaru"s EyeSight gets AI infusion with advanced chips from Advanced Micro Devices for smarter, safer driving

Subaru will make its next-generation EyeSight driver-assist system safer and smarter with the help of advanced artificial intelligence chips from U.S. semiconductor giant Advanced Micro Devices......»»

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iPhone 16 Rumors Take Interesting Twist

An iPhone 16 design change that appeared to be dead in the water has resurfaced today in a report out of Asia. According to the Economic Daily News, Apple’s ordered a large number of capacitative button components from a supplier (Advanced Sem.....»»

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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 power banks to buy in 2024

Charge your Samsung Galaxy S22 any time you want with these power banks. The post Best Samsung Galaxy S22 power banks to buy in 2024 appeared first on Phandroid. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is an Android flagship with a small 6.1-inch display......»»

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AESC doubles battery investment for BMW"s EVs in South Carolina

The plant is expected to come online in 2027 and supply BMW's assembly plant in Spartanburg, S.C., where the automaker plans to produce at least six EV models by 2030......»»

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