Volvo, ZF take steps to overcome bumpy software transitions

Volvo has had to delay 2 models while a top ZF exec says software ‘was not our key strength' in recent years......»»

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9 Things You Should Do Before EA College Football 25 Arrives

The EA College Football 25 release date is just weeks away and there are some steps prospective buyers, and those who have pre-ordered, should take before the game lands on shelves. If you can believe it, EA’s first college football game in ove.....»»

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Utilizing scanning SQUID microscopy to investigate local magnetic response of Bi2212

Phase transitions in different states of matter, such as the condensation of gases into liquids or the transition from a normal metal to a superconducting state, can be described using Ginzburg-Landau symmetry-breaking theory. However, such a theory.....»»

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CallRevu buys TotalCX, aims to dominate dealership calling tech

Private equity firm Serent Capital wants to grow CallRevu into a major player for retail automotive industry call monitoring analytics software......»»

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iOS 17.6 Beta: When Will Apple Release It?

In the days since iOS 17.5’s release we’ve been asked about an iOS 17.6 update and when Apple might release the software for the iPhone. We can’t say for sure, only Apple knows the dates, but we can help set iPhone owners expectatio.....»»

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Thunderbolt Share simplifies dual-PC workloads—but requires new hardware

App comes out in June, but you'll need a PC or dock licensed to use it. Enlarge (credit: Intel) Intel this week announced new Thunderbolt software made for connecting two PCs. Thunderbolt Share will require Intel-licens.....»»

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Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics

When water freezes, it transitions from a liquid phase to a solid phase, resulting in a drastic change in properties like density and volume. Phase transitions in water are so common most of us probably don't even think about them, but phase transiti.....»»

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How to check what motherboard you have in two easy steps

Checking your motherboard model isn't hard to do, but it's not as intuitive as other components. Here's how to find out......»»

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Android 15 Beta 2 Problems: What Pixel Users Need to Know

Google’s released Android 15 beta 2 for Pixel devices. As expected, the company’s upcoming operating system is still plagued with issues. Downloading the beta might be tempting, but this is unfinished software, and the Android 15 beta may.....»»

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Dual-boot iPad would be nuts, says former Microsoft president

A number of commenters have made the point that iPad reviews haven’t really changed in years. Each generation, the hardware gets better, and the software gets left behind. That has led some to suggest a dual-boot iPad, which can switch between iPad.....»»

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New research employs shutter speed analogies to validate 55-year-old theory about chemical reaction rates

Chemical reactions are commonly depicted as transitions from reactants to products. However, such reactions involve many molecules, and the individual molecules themselves undergo frequently-occurring structural changes as they transform from the rea.....»»

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AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is stepping down

AWS confirms Matt Garman as new CEO as Adam Selipsky steps down with immediate effect......»»

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New Apple TV Update is Out, Here’s What’s New

Apple’s released a new Apple TV update and we’ll fill you in on what’s new and we’ll show you how to upgrade your device with the new software. Earlier this week, Apple pulled its tvOS 17.5 update out of beta and released it t.....»»

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VMware Fusion Pro 13 goes free for personal use, here’s how to get it

Popular virtualization software VMware Fusion Pro is out with a neat update today – free licenses for anyone who wants to download it for personal use. Here are all the details and how to get it for your Mac. more….....»»

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Making iPadOS finally live up to the iPad’s overachieving hardware

Every time a new iPad Pro is released, the reviews repeat the same narrative: powerful hardware, hamstrung software. The M4 reviews have been no exception. This gap isn’t because of a lack of effort on Apple’s part. The company has continually.....»»

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iOS 17.6, iOS 17.7 & iOS 18: What’s Coming Next for iPhone

With lots of new software on the way, we felt it would be prudent to put together an iOS release timeline for iPhone users. Apple’s been busy in the months since iOS 17’s initial release back in September. The company’s released sev.....»»

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iOS 16.7.9, iOS 16.8 & More: What’s Next for iOS 16

If you own an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, you might be wondering what’s next in terms of iOS 16 software updates. Well, we’ve got you covered as today we’ll take a look at what owners of these devices can expect in 2024 an.....»»

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iPadOS 16.7.8 Released for iPad

Apple’s pushed a new iPadOS 16.7.8 software update to iPad models stuck on iPadOS 16. Last week, iPadOS 16.7.8 entered beta testing. This week, after a very short stint in the company’s beta program, the company released the final version.....»»

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iPadOS 17.5 Released, Here’s Why Most iPad Users Should Update

Apple’s released its iPadOS 17.5 update for iPad and owners of compatible iPad models should install the software in the near future. iPadOS 17.5 is the newest software upgrade for iPad’s compatible with iPadOS 17. It carries build number.....»»

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Volvo"s Q1 EV sales plunge: A momentary blip or a sign its 2030 plan is in jeopardy?

Volvo EV sales in the U.S. plummeted 65 percent in the first quarter. According to Cox Automotive estimates, it was the largest year-over-year percentage decline in the luxury segment......»»

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Researchers elucidate ultrafast laser-induced solid-to-overdense-plasma transitions

The interaction of solids with high-intensity ultra-short laser pulses has enabled major technological breakthroughs over the past half-century. On the one hand, laser ablation of solids offers micromachining and miniaturization of elements in medica.....»»

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