VR in a pair of glasses? New research just made it possible

Stanford University and Nvidia have partnered in research to make VR "Holographic Glasses" as thin as everyday frames......»»

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Researchers find that pumping draws young groundwater to new depths, potentially with contaminants in tow

How old is your water? It may seem like a peculiar question at first, but there are real implications to how long a drop of water has spent underground. Research suggests that the water cycle is speeding up in some places as a result of human enterpr.....»»

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Mechanical sensors help coordinate cell organization during eye development

In a surprising discovery with important implications for developmental biology and regenerative medicine, RIKEN biologists have learned how mechanical forces guide the formation of the eyes in chick embryos. Their research is published in Science Ad.....»»

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Autonomous driving chips to be next battlefield for IC designers and automakers, says DIGITIMES Research

Autonomous driving chip developers, based on their business types, can be separated into four major camps – automotive chip IDM/designers, ICT chip companies, emerging automotive chip developers, and automakers with an in-house chip R&D team &n.....»»

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New research demonstrates connection between climate and Earth"s ability to replenish itself

Some 250 million years ago—long before dinosaurs roamed the earth—global warming and acid oceans caused by the rapid volcanic emission of the Siberian Traps led to the Permian-Triassic mass extinction, which resulted in the elimination of over 95.....»»

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Research team achieves breakthrough in the production of an acclaimed cancer-treating drug

Stanford University researchers have discovered a rapid and sustainable way to synthetically produce a promising cancer-fighting compound right in the lab. The compound's availability has been limited because its only currently known natural source i.....»»

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Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife "hotspots"

New research has mapped how infectious diseases spread among wildlife populations in areas where humans and wildlife live in close proximity. The study has identified the animals, specifically wild monkeys that live in large groups alongside human se.....»»

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Hurricanes are producing more rain than before, study finds

Hurricanes have become prolific at producing damaging winds and storm surge. FIU research shows they have also grown to become prolific at making more rain......»»

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Hubble spots cocoon of gas protecting galaxy for the first time

Research using the Hubble Space Telescope reveals a protective shield which has kept two of our neighboring galaxies safe for billions of years......»»

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Best blue light glasses for October 2022

Get yourself a pair of blue light glasses to help relieve eye strain......»»

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Enhanced mantle cooling during late-neoproterozoic records onset of modern plate tectonics

A research team led by Prof. Sun Weidong from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) and their collaborators from Curtin University and Geological Survey of Western Australia have reported a remarkable mantle cooling e.....»»

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Research reveals quantitative and high-resolution pressure functions of pressure-sensitive material

Researchers from Nagoya University in central Japan have published a study in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C on a pressure-sensitive material, known as fluorenylidene-acridane (FA). Their research has potential applications for technologies rel.....»»

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Study shows behavioral, physiological changes in ants disturbed by development, urban sprawl

Research by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists in the Texas A&M Department of Entomology showed a common ant species undergoes physiological and behavioral changes in unnatural settings......»»

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Pacific Ocean set to make way for world"s next supercontinent

New Curtin University-led research has found that the world's next supercontinent, Amasia, will most likely form when the Pacific Ocean closes in 200 to 300 million years......»»

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Lab-grown pigments and food by-products: The future of natural textile dyes

As the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries becomes clearer, the demand and need for sustainable alternatives is growing. One international research group aims to replace toxic synthetic dyes with natural alternatives, ranging f.....»»

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Metastable states of floating crystals

A research team led by the GRASP—Group of Research and Applications in Statistical Physics—at the University of Liège (Belgium), demonstrates how to manipulate the mesh, shape and symmetry of floating crystals by wandering, in a controlled way,.....»»

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Layer Hall effect and hidden Berry curvature in antiferromagnetic insulators

Every time a new Hall effect is discovered, a wave of research is inspired. The first experiment on a new type of Hall effect, the layer Hall effect, had been reported by Xu's group at Harvard University. In the layer Hall effect, electrons from the.....»»

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Southern resident orca pod falls to lowest number in 46 years

Only 73 southern resident orcas that live along the coast of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia remain as of July 1, according to the latest census from the Center for Whale Research......»»

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Pyridine implicated in mass crustacean mortalities

Newcastle University research has identified the chemical responsible for the crab and lobster mass mortalities on the Northeast and North Yorkshire coasts......»»

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Human "blastoids" offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges

The study of blastoids, a research model of an early embryo derived from stem cells rather than from a father's sperm or a mother's egg, offers great hope for researchers investigating why pregnancies are lost at an early stage, what causes birth def.....»»

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Reducing Apple’s dependence on China by just 10% would take eight years – Bloomberg

We’ve been talking for many years about both the need and the difficulty of reducing Apple’s dependence on China, and Bloomberg’s research division has now put some estimated numbers on it. The research suggests that moving just 10% of Apple p.....»»

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