When innovation goes south: The tech that never quite worked out

We don’t need new gadgets; we need to use antibiotics more sparingly. Enlarge / Once the future of travel, now a museum piece. (credit: Didier Messens) Vaclav Smil reminds us that despite the onslaught of popular techn.....»»

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Volvo Cars tailors a solution to tech shortage

To make service technician jobs women-friendly, the Swedish automaker strives to make doing the work more comfortable by reinventing the shop floor uniform......»»

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Carmakers will not immediately comply with Massachusetts data repair law

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation said Friday that because a compliance option is not immediately available that they would abide by NHTSA's earlier guidance in June......»»

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Chandrayaan-3"s measurements of sulfur open the doors for lunar science and exploration

In an exciting milestone for lunar scientists around the globe, India's Chandrayaan-3 lander touched down 375 miles (600 km) from the south pole of the moon on Aug. 23, 2023......»»

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Study explores supergiant iceberg"s huge impact on surrounding ocean surface

The melting of the supergiant iceberg A-68 had a huge impact on the ocean around South Georgia, in sub-Antarctica, and significantly changed the Southern Ocean's temperature and saltiness, with potentially major consequences for this ecologically sig.....»»

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LG M3 Wireless OLED: zero wires, zero problems

We put the Zero Connect box of the LG M3 wireless OLED system through its paces to see if the new-wave wireless tech really is worth the hype......»»

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Large fossil spider found in Australia

A team of Australian scientists led by Australian Museum (AM) and University of New South Wales (UNSW) paleontologist Dr. Matthew McCurry have formally named and described a fossil spider, Megamonodontium mccluskyi, which is between 11–16 million y.....»»

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Researchers show endangered parrot species is thriving in urban areas

A Texas A&M-led research team has discovered that a population of endangered red-crowned parrots is thriving in urban areas of South Texas. The parrots are a unique case, considering that many animal species are affected negatively by the expansion o.....»»

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Another top Silicon Valley investor is splitting off its China business as pressure mounts

GGV Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has become the latest big investor to break up its US and China operations into separate companies as tensions between the two countries over tech and geopolitics continue to rise......»»

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Chicago"s West Side is an air pollution hotspot, new study finds

The western edge of Chicago—including the North and South Lawndale, East Garfield Park, Archer Heights and Brighton Park neighborhoods—experiences up to 32% higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution compared to the rest of the.....»»

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In an AI future, Toyota Research Institute still sees room for human touch

The Toyota Research Institute searches for breakthroughs in fundamental technologies that could enable any number of applications. But there's one overriding mantra — tech should empower humans, not replace them......»»

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NASA tech lets scientists see snow water through the trees

NASA scientists are testing a technology that could more accurately measure water stored in snow as seen from a satellite in orbit......»»

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New nanopore tech for quicker, more thorough mRNA quality checks

Researchers at The University of Queensland are harnessing the latest sequencing technology developed by UK-based biotech Oxford Nanopore Technologies to analyze mRNA vaccines and therapies......»»

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Intel developing its own stacked cache tech to compete with AMD 3D V-Cache

Intel is working on its own version of stacked cache pioneered by rival AMD, though it looks to be a couple of generations away at least......»»

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Better use of tech in prisons would help with transition back into society, says researcher

Better use of technology in prisons would improve family relationships, and ultimately, a detainee's prospects of transitioning successfully back into society......»»

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Growing into the Future: The Makerspace at Moreno Valley College

What a makerspace at Moreno Valley College can do for community college students and faculty Donnell Layne and Jason Kennedy developed the iMake Innovation Center Makerspace at Moreno Valley College in Southern California, an Hispanic-serving commun.....»»

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South Africa"s smallholder vegetable farmers aren"t getting the finance they need, says researcher

Fresh efforts are being made to increase the share of black ownership in South Africa's agricultural sector. This follows decades of missteps and badly designed interventions that have failed to significantly change the ownership patterns in the sect.....»»

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Most people distrust AI and want regulation, says new survey

The constant scandals surrounding artificial intelligence are taking a toll, with a majority of U.S. adults worrying about the potential impact of the new tech......»»

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Google AI tool predicts danger of genetic mutations

Researchers at Google DeepMind, the tech giant's artificial intelligence arm, on Tuesday introduced a tool that predicts whether genetic mutations are likely to cause harm, a breakthrough that could help research into rare diseases......»»

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Discovering the universe from our own backyards

When I was a college student, I worked at the Charlevoix Astronomical Observatory in Québec......»»

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iPhone versus Huawei battle back on; US National Security Advisor comments

The iPhone versus Huawei battle is back on in China, following the launch of the Mate 60 Pro (yeah, that’s not an iPod, despite appearances). Sales of the Chinese company’s smartphones plummeted last year, after US tech sanctions blocked it from.....»»

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