When the first warm-blooded dinosaurs roamed Earth

Scientists once thought of dinosaurs as sluggish, cold-blooded creatures. Then research suggested that some could control their body temperature, but when and how that shift came about remained a mystery......»»

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China makes history by returning the first sample from far side of the moon

The Chang'e 6 mission landed on the moon's far side earlier this month, from where it collected a sample which was returned to Earth today, Tuesday June 25......»»

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Extreme wildfires are on the rise globally, powered by the climate crisis

Wildfires are the new "polar bear," routinely used by the media to epitomize the climate crisis and the threat of major natural hazards. This is despite most fire on Earth being harmless, even ecologically beneficial......»»

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New study unveils formation secrets of tiny rare earth elements

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences have revealed a novel route to the formation of bastnäsite, a crucial mineral for the extraction of rare earth elements (REEs). Their work offers promise in one day making the extr.....»»

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Marine cloud brightening models show unexpected consequences of geoengineering

A combined team of Earth scientists and climate specialists at the University of California San Diego and the National Center for Atmospheric Research has found via modeling that geoengineering projects such as marine cloud brightening can have unexp.....»»

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China lunar probe returns to Earth with samples

A Chinese probe carrying samples from the far side of the moon returned to Earth on Tuesday, capping a technically complex 53-day mission heralded as a world first......»»

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New tipping point discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

A new and worrying way that large ice sheets can melt has been characterized by scientists for the first time. The research focuses on how relatively warm seawater can lap at the underside of ground-based ice, which can accelerate the movement of the.....»»

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Scientists identify safe havens we must preserve to prevent "the sixth great extinction of life on Earth"

In a new article, a coalition of conservationists and researchers have shown how we can protect Earth's remaining biodiversity by conserving just a tiny percentage of the planet's surface. This affordable, achievable plan would make it possible for u.....»»

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Geologists expect Chang"e-6 lunar surface samples to contain volcanic rock and impact ejecta

On June 25, China's Chang'e-6 (CE-6) lunar probe is set to return to Earth, carrying the first surface samples collected from the farside of the moon. In anticipation of this historic event, scientists from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics at.....»»

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Venus could be the perfect place to count meteors

Watching meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere and streak across the sky as the visual spectacle known as meteors, it is one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles on Earth, often exhibiting multiple colors as they blaze through the atmosphere, which.....»»

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Astronomers find three potential super-Earths around nearby star

Astronomers have discovered three potential "super-Earth" exoplanets orbiting a relatively nearby orange dwarf star. This groundbreaking find was made by an international team of researchers led by Dr. Shweta Dalal from the University of Exeter......»»

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Boeing Starliner"s return to Earth delayed again

NASA said on Friday the Boeing Starliner's return to Earth from the International Space Station, which was scheduled for next week, has been delayed again......»»

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Starliner’s return to Earth delayed again, until next month

The Boeing Starliner, which is currently docked at the International Space Station, will not be returning to Earth with its crew this week as planned......»»

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A black hole of inexplicable mass: JWST observations reveal a mature quasar at cosmic dawn

The James Webb Space Telescope observed a galaxy in a particularly young stage of the universe. Looking back into the past, it became clear that the light from the galaxy called J1120+0641 took almost as long to reach Earth as the universe has taken.....»»

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Ariane 6 launches: Splashdown for Nyx Bikini

Europe's newest rocket soon launches, taking with it many space missions each with a unique objective, destination and team at home, cheering them on. Whether launching new satellites to look back and study Earth, peer out to deep space or test impor.....»»

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Human activity: A double-edged sword in the face of drought

Earth and environmental scientists have reported that, as human socio-economic activities increase, greenhouse gas emissions will rise, leading to more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. However, a research team from Pohang.....»»

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Exploring the roots of the Anthropocene

Understanding how tropical land use and deforestation affects the dynamics of the global Earth system and identifying potential tipping points are key to the future of our species on this planet. By exploring the long history of human societies in tr.....»»

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What happened when NASA simulated an asteroid hitting Earth

NASA ran the world's most dramatic roleplay, simulating what would happen if a dangerous asteroid were spotted on a collision course with the planet......»»

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Why scientists are intrigued by air in NASA"s Mars sample tubes

Atmospheric scientists get a little more excited with every rock core NASA's Perseverance Mars rover seals in its titanium sample tubes, which are being gathered for eventual delivery to Earth as part of the Mars Sample Return campaign. Twenty-four h.....»»

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Citizen scientists gather eDNA in water samples for global biodiversity census

Kara Andres, a postdoctoral fellow with the Living Earth Collaborative at Washington University in St. Louis, collected samples of water from Simpson Lake, in Valley Park, Mo., as part of a coordinated global effort to use environmental DNA—genetic.....»»

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Defunct satellites burning up in the atmosphere could damage the ozone layer

Communications companies such as Starlink plan to launch tens of thousands of satellites into orbit around Earth over the next decade or so. The growing swarm is already causing problems for astronomers, but recent research has raised another questio.....»»

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