YouTube has become a significant channel for cybercrime

Social engineering threats – those which rely on human manipulation – account for most cyberthreats faced by individuals in 2024, according to Avast. According to the latest quarterly Avast Threat Report, which looks at the threat landscape from.....»»

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Battling anthracnose: Unearthing the plant"s arsenal against pathogenic fungi

Plant diseases caused by pathogens like Colletotrichum fructicola lead to significant agricultural losses, particularly in fruit crops such as pear, apple, and peach. Traditional control methods often fail as pathogens adapt to plant defenses. Nonhos.....»»

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Tea science: Gene discovery to boost mechanical harvesting

Researchers have made significant strides in understanding the genetic factors influencing tea plant leaf droopiness, a key determinant of mechanical harvest success. By identifying the CsEXL3 gene and its regulation by CsBES1.2, the study paves the.....»»

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Harvesting microbes for growth: A soybean success story in acidic soils

Acidic soils, characterized by low pH and poor phosphorus availability, pose significant challenges to leguminous plant growth and productivity. Traditional methods to improve soil phosphorus involve chemical fertilization, which can have environment.....»»

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CISOs’ new ally: Qualys CyberSecurity Asset Management 3.0

In this Help Net Security interview, Kunal Modasiya, VP of Product Management and Growth at Qualys, explores the key features, significant advantages, and innovative technologies behind Qualys CyberSecurity Asset Management 3.0. Can you explain the k.....»»

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BlackSuit cybercrime gang blamed in CDK Global hack causing dealers" DMS outage

BlackSuit appears to be a group of Russian and Eastern European hackers with a history of working with a group known as Royal Ransomware......»»

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AI-based approach matches protein interaction partners

Proteins are the building blocks of life, involved in virtually every biological process. Understanding how proteins interact with each other is crucial for deciphering the complexities of cellular functions, and has significant implications for drug.....»»

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Study provides new understanding of Gurbantunggut Desert"s dust source

Central Asian dust has a significant impact on regional and global climate, and it is crucial for the balance of local ecosystems, socio-economic development, and human health......»»

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Ice recon: Satellite navigation breakthrough in mapping sea ice thickness

The polar regions are critical to understanding climate change due to their significant impact on global weather patterns and sea levels. Traditional methods of measuring sea ice thickness face challenges such as high costs and limited spatial covera.....»»

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Cracking down on cybercrime: Who you gonna call?

As cybercrime continues to grow, law enforcement agencies worldwide face increased challenges in safeguarding organizations and individuals. In this article, we highlight law enforcement agencies that have scored notable successes against cybercrimin.....»»

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This Samsung 11.1.4-channel soundbar has a $900 price cut

Fill your living room with powerful Dolby Atmos audio with this Woot deal on a brand-new Samsung 11.1.4 HW-Q990C Soundbar......»»

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Supporting the right small changes can have big impacts on climate action, say researchers

Small changes in our everyday actions can trigger significant, rapid societal shifts especially when it comes to climate action. A new IIASA-led study highlights the importance of analyzing these dynamics with a comprehensive framework to harness the.....»»

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Key mechanism in nuclear reaction dynamics promises advances in nuclear physics

Researchers have made significant progress in understanding the transfer of neutrons in weakly bound nuclei. The experiment, performed at Legnaro National Laboratory, focused on the one-neutron stripping process in reactions involving lithium-6 and b.....»»

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You could soon ask YouTube Music for suggestions using AI

It looks like YouTube Music could be getting a new AI feature that will allow users to ask it for music recommendations. The post You could soon ask YouTube Music for suggestions using AI appeared first on Phandroid. Music discovery is an.....»»

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This small Windows update brings a highly requested change

The Windows 11 Build 26241 for Insiders in the Canary Channel will make moving your files around a lot easier with this new difference......»»

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YouTube will ask iOS users to ‘Allow’ tracking for more personalized ads

With iOS 14.5, Apple required app developers to tell users about and have them opt-in to broader tracking. In 2021, Google apps stopped certain tracking methods to comply and not have to show that prompt. YouTube will soon ask iOS users if they want.....»»

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YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature

It will function similarly to X/twitter's "Community Notes" feature. The post YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature appeared first on Phandroid. In a world where misinformation and misleading content on the inter.....»»

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Apple Intelligence will face a big uphill battle to launch in China

The new Apple Intelligence features won't be available in China any time soon, because of the country's strict regulations on artificial intelligence as well as the competition Apple has from domestic brands.Apple could face significant challenges wi.....»»

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Apple"s Back to School offers are live -- but there are better deals to be had

Apple's annual Back to School deals are now available, but as always the company is only offering gift cards where you can get significant discounts from other resellers that can beat what the company offers.Apple's Back to School 2024 promotionOutsi.....»»

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YouTube cracks down on Premium plans bought with a VPN

It seems that YouTube is cracking down on Premium subscriptions bought using VPNs, so if that’s you, you might have your sub canceled. The post YouTube cracks down on Premium plans bought with a VPN appeared first on Phandroid. YouTube h.....»»

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I compared ChatGPT against Google Gemini to see which is the better free AI chatbot

Two of the leading available today come from Google, with its system, and OpenAI, the company that kicked off the AI revolution with . But you might be wondering which is the better free chatbot. I’ve spent a significant time with both to see h.....»»

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