Amazon workers walk off job at air freight facility to call for better pay and working conditions

A coalition of Amazon employees walked off the job on Monday at an air freight facility in San Bernardino, California, demanding better pay and working conditions, in the latest sign that worker organizing efforts continue to spread across the tech g.....»»

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It"s like Airbnb but for renting your pool to strangers. Things don"t always go as planned

Chris, a homeowner in Des Moines, was surprised when a woman he didn't know recently pulled into his driveway and asked if he could move his vehicles. She believed she had booked his pool for the night after someone had wrongfully listed it on a plat.....»»

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WeWork"s former CEO has a new startup, reportedly valued at more than $1 billion

Nearly three years after Adam Neumann stepped down as CEO of WeWork following a failed attempt to take the company public, he is said to once again be in charge of a billion-dollar real estate startup......»»

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How to make sure your private messages stay private

Last year, Facebook-parent Meta effectively pushed back its timetable for rolling out end-to-end encryption by default across its various social platforms, with an executive saying the privacy-enhancing change would not happen until sometime in 2023......»»

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How Google found itself under pressure from all sides after Roe"s demise

In mid-June, one week before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, more than 20 Congressional Democrats wrote a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In it, they urged the company to prevent searches for abortion clinics from returning results and.....»»

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South Korea pardons Samsung"s Jay Y Lee in bid to revive the economy

The de facto leader of Samsung, Lee Jae-yong, was pardoned by South Korea's president on Friday for crimes including bribery, allowing him greater freedom to run the smartphone and semiconductor giant......»»

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FTC weighs sweeping new rules on "commercial surveillance" and Big Data

The Federal Trade Commission is considering whether to write sweeping new regulations that could restrict how businesses collect and use consumer data, hinting at a possible crackdown on commercial algorithms and a sprawling economy powered by the pe.....»»

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United Airlines puts $10 million behind plan to shuttle customers by electric aircraft

United Airlines gave a $10 million deposit to a startup developing electric aircraft — all for the goal of shuttling customers to and from the airport by air rather than gridlocked roadways......»»

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Meta testing expanded encryption features amid renewed scrutiny of messaging data

Meta on Thursday said it is testing expanded encryption features for Messenger and Instagram, days after the company came under scrutiny for providing messages to police in an abortion-related case......»»

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Nearly half of all teens say they use the internet "almost constantly," survey finds

Nearly half of US teens say they use the internet "almost constantly," according to a new survey released on Wednesday......»»

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Twitter activates election policy enforcement for US midterms

Twitter will now label and demote misinformation about the upcoming US elections, such as false claims about how to cast a ballot or the outcomes of a race, as part of a broader set of content enforcement policies it's activating ahead of the midterm.....»»

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It didn"t take long for Meta"s new chatbot to say something offensive

Meta's new chatbot can convincingly mimic how humans speak on the internet — for better and worse......»»

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SpaceX denied nearly $900 million in broadband subsidies

In a high-stakes decision, federal regulators announced Wednesday that SpaceX will not receive nearly $900 million in subsidies that the company was awarded in December, citing the fact that its satellite-based service is "still developing technology.....»»

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Nebraska teen and mother facing charges in abortion-related case that involved obtaining their Facebook messages

A Nebraska mother and her 18-year-old daughter are facing multiple charges in a case that involved police obtaining Facebook messages between the two that authorities allege show evidence of an illegal self-managed medication abortion, as well as a p.....»»

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More than a dozen companies developing single standard to detect cyberattacks faster

More than a dozen companies in the cybersecurity space are developing a single, open standard for sharing data about hacking threats, a project the companies say could help organizations detect cyberattacks more quickly......»»

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Live updates: Samsung unveils new foldable phones

Live updates: Samsung unveils new foldable phones.....»»

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US gaming software developer Unity wants to supercharge its growth in China

US software developer Unity is partnering with some of the biggest names in China tech to establish a billion-dollar joint venture aimed at growing its business in the world's largest online gaming market......»»

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Former Twitter employee is convicted in Saudi spy case

A former Twitter manager accused of spying for Saudi Arabia was convicted on Tuesday on six criminal counts, including acting as an agent for the country and trying to disguise a payment from an official tied to Saudi's royal family......»»

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The next frontier in the tech battle between the US and China

The technological arms race between the United States and China has cut across everything from smartphones and cellular equipment to social media and artificial intelligence. But a new battleground is emerging that goes a layer deeper: to the compone.....»»

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Elon Musk cited this tool in his bot dispute with Twitter. Its creator has thoughts

Kaicheng Yang, a researcher at Indiana University's Observatory on Social Media, received quite the surprise last week. Botometer, a tool he helped build to examine automated activity on Twitter, had been mentioned in court documents in the legal bat.....»»

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