The James Webb Space Telescope Arrives At Its Final Orbit

NASA has confirmed that the James Webb Space Telescope has successfully entered its final orbit around the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point after one last course correction burn. Engadget reports: The telescope's primary mirror segments and secondary.....»»

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Space Force Just Launched Satellites Capable of "Inspecting" Enemy Satellites

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Drive: Space Force launched two additional satellites today as part of its push for greater Space Domain Awareness, or SDA, in geosynchronous orbit some 22,000 miles away from Earth. The two satellites are.....»»

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DHS Warns of Russian Cyberattack On US If It Responds To Ukraine Invasion

As tensions rise in the standoff over Ukraine, the Department of Homeland Security has warned that the U.S. response to a possible Russian invasion could result in a cyberattack launched against the U.S. by the Russian government or its proxies. ABC.....»»

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40 People Arrested For Alleged Twitch Money Laundering Scheme

On Tuesday, Turkish police in eleven different provinces took forty suspects into custody for an alleged money laundering scam perpetrated using the Twitch streaming platform. Kotaku reports: According to Demiroren News Agency (via Daily Sabah and De.....»»

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Google Gets Hit With a New Lawsuit Over "Deceptive" Location Tracking

Washington DC, Texas, Washington state and Indiana announced the latest lawsuit against Big Tech Monday, alleging that Google deceived users by collecting their location data even when they believed that kind of tracking was disabled. TechCrunch repo.....»»

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Hacktivists Say They Hacked Belarus Rail System To Stop Russian Military Buildup

Hacktivists in Belarus said on Monday they had infected the network of the country's state-run railroad system with ransomware and would provide the decryption key only if Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stopped aiding Russian troops ahead of.....»»

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Tesla Now Runs the Most Productive Auto Factory In America

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Elon Musk has a very specific vision for the ideal factory: densely packed, vertically integrated and unusually massive. During Tesla's early days of mass production, he was chided for what was perc.....»»

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Twitter Suspends Wordle-Ruining Bot

Twitter has banned @wordlinator, a bot that replied to people's Wordle posts with rude messages that include spoilers for the next day's game. The Verge reports: The account's spoilers appeared to be accurate (the key is easily accessible in the game.....»»

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NASA Celebrates Private Sector Deployments of Space-born Tech in Its Latest Spinoff

An anonymous reader shares a report: NASA's Spinoff magazine is one of the things I look forward to reading every year. The space agency's research trickles down to the rest of the world in surprising and interesting ways, which it tracks and collect.....»»

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Faster Internet Speeds Linked To Lower Civic Engagement in UK

Faster internet access has significantly weakened civic participation in Britain, according to a study that found involvement in political parties, trade unions and volunteering fell as web speeds rose. From a report: Volunteering in social care fell.....»»

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Minecraft DDoS Attack Leaves Small European Country Without Internet

Andorra Telecom, the only ISP in the principality of Andorra, suffered repeated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks during a multi-day Twitch gaming tournament. From a report: The DDoS attacks occurred during the scheduled SquidCraft Games t.....»»

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Meta Unveils New AI Supercomputer

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: Meta said Monday that its research team built a new artificial intelligence supercomputer that the company maintains will soon be the fastest in the world. The supercomputer, the AI Re.....»»

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Peloton Should Put Itself Up for Sale and Fire Its CEO, Activist Investor Demands

The knives are out for Peloton and CEO John Foley. From a report: Blackwells Capital, an activist investor that owns less than 5% of Peloton, says it has "grave concerns" about its performance and is calling on its board of directors to fire Foley im.....»»

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Mark Cuban on His Online Pharmacy: "Our KPI is How Much We Can Reduce the Stress of Our Patients"

Mark Cuban's announcement over the weekend of an online pharmacy selling over a hundred generic drugs at near cost was totally unexpected but will likely be welcomed by millions who struggle to afford medication. The billionaire told TechCrunch that.....»»

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An OpenSea Bug Let Attackers Snatch NFTs from Owners at Six-figure Discounts

A bug in OpenSea, the popular NFT marketplace, has let hackers buy rare NFTs for well below market value, in some cases leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses for the original owners -- and hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits f.....»»

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New MoonBounce UEFI Bootkit Can"t Be Removed by Replacing the Hard Drive

Security researchers from Kaspersky said they have discovered a novel bootkit that can infect a computer's UEFI firmware. From a report: What makes MoonBounce -- the name they gave the bootkit -- special is the fact that the malware doesn't burrow an.....»»

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Apple Fined $5.6M After Dutch Dating App Antitrust Order

The Netherlands' competition authority has fined Apple $5.6 million for failing to comply with conditions in an order requiring it to allow local dating apps to make user of third party payment technology in their apps. From a report: The tech giant.....»»

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Australia PM Morrison Loses Control of WeChat Chinese Account as Election Looms

A little-known Chinese technology company that took over a WeChat social media account set up for Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday it wanted to buy an account with a large fanbase in Australia, and was unaware it was his. From.....»»

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$130 Billion Wiped Off Crypto Markets in 24 Hours

The cryptocurrency market had around $130 billion wiped off its value over the last 24 hours as major digital coins continued their multi-day sell-off. From a report: Bitcoin was last down around 4% at $33,755.57, according to Coin Metrics, while Eth.....»»

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Facebook Promised Free Internet Access, but Users Got Charged Anyway

Facebook says it's helping millions of the world's poorest people get online through apps and services that allow them to use internet data free. Internal company documents show that many of these people end up being charged in amounts that collectiv.....»»

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