Proposals but no consensus on curbing water shortages in Colorado River basin

6 of 7 states proposed downstream reductions, but California wants to avoid cuts. Enlarge / A view of the Colorado River from the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona on Aug. 31, 2022. (credit: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images).....»»

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Vanpowers City Vanture e-bike review: Sleek, streamlined, and hard to define

There aren't many e-bikes like it—partly because you can build it yourself. Enlarge / The Vanpowers City Vanture. Spotting the "e" on this e-bike at a glance is trickier than most. (credit: Kevin Purdy) A "city" bike c.....»»

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The physics of James Joyce’s Ulysses

The 101-year-old novel shows that "physics and literature are not mutually exclusive." Enlarge / An early edition of one of Dublin's most famous literary masterpieces: Ulysses by James Joyce, published in 1922. (credit: Fran Caff.....»»

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US military shoots down Chinese balloon over coastal waters

Once the object was over the ocean, US jets moved in. Enlarge (credit: Andrea Nissotti / EyeEm) On Saturday afternoon, US jets intercepted the Chinese surveillance balloon as it was leaving the continental US. Live foota.....»»

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My latest co-op multiplayer obsession is Raft, the game where you build a raft

Raft is a watery, more-focused riff on some of Minecraft's ideas. Enlarge / Raft is developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. (credit: Redbeet Interactive) My co-op gaming group has logged a few hun.....»»

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Scientists grew mini human guts inside mice

Tiny organoids with working immune systems mimic the function of the GI tract. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Your gut has an obvious job: It processes the food you eat. But it has another important function: It protects.....»»

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Scientific highs and lows of cannabinoids

Hundreds of cannabis-related chemicals now exist, inspiring researchers—and users. Enlarge (credit: Olena Ruban via Getty Images) The 1960s was a big decade for cannabis: Images of flower power, the summer of love and.....»»

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Musk beats fraud charges; jury rejects investor claims in “funding secured” case

Musk lawyer claimed investors were "gambling and looking for lawsuits as insurance." Enlarge / Elon Musk leaves court in San Francisco on Friday, February 3, 2023. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) Update at 6:15 pm ET:.....»»

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Freak infection with an eradicated form of polio shows virus’ craftiness

Without wastewater sampling, the eradicated virus could have easily spread. Enlarge / Transmission electron micrograph of poliovirus type 1. (credit: Getty | BSIP) An eradicated form of wild polio surfaced in routine was.....»»

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Donkey Kong cheating case rocked by photos of illicit joystick modification

Tall, red-topped stick could prove crucial in Mitchell's defamation suit. Mitchell (right) at the 2007 FAMB convention with former Twin Galaxies referee Todd Rogers and what appears to be a Donkey Kong cabinet with a modified joy.....»»

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It sounds like Google will unveil its ChatGPT clone February 8

Google wants to use "the power of AI to reimagine how people search." Enlarge (credit: Sean Gallup | Getty Images) Everybody panic! Next week Google is hosting what can only be described as an "emergency" event. Accordin.....»»

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Samsung Pro SSD reliability questioned as longtime partner shifts to Sabrent

Custom PC-builder Puget says it's had issues with the Pro line since the last gen. Enlarge / Puget Systems won't be using the 1TB or 2TB Samsung 990 Pro anymore. (credit: Samsung) Samsung has earned a strong reputation.....»»

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Former Trump official led feds to Telegram group livestreaming child abuse

At least 17 charged after authorities gained access to encrypted messages. Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto) New details have been revealed through recently unsealed Cook County court documents, showing.....»»

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Treasury decides Model Y, Lyriq, ID.4, are SUVs after all, not sedans

Now it will use the consumer EPA standard and not CAFE to decide. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Friday the US Treasury Department published an update to the way it implements the new clean vehicle tax credit. Introdu.....»»

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SEC gets $35 million settlement in Activision misconduct disclosure case

Government says company also violated whistleblower protection laws. Enlarge / Taking a close look... (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) The Securities and Exchange Commission announced Friday that Activision Blizzar.....»»

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Microsoft alleges attacks on French magazine came from Iranian-backed group

Leaked personal data of Charlie Hebdo customers puts them at risk from extremists. Enlarge Microsoft said on Friday that an Iranian nation-state group already sanctioned by the US government was behind an attack last mo.....»»

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Why would the Chinese government be flying a large stratospheric balloon?

It is possible that the balloon's flight termination system failed. Enlarge / Stratospheric weather balloons are released every day, such as this one from the Technical University of Munich in 2021. The Chinese balloon is likely.....»»

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Extremely drug-resistant germ found in eye drops infects 55 in 12 states; 1 dead [Updated]

FDA posted a recall of EzriCare-branded artificial tears and criticized its maker. Enlarge (credit: Getty | UniversalImagesGroup) Update 2/3/2023 9:05am: This story has been updated to include the recall information. An.....»»

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Rocket Report: Tearing down Ariane’s SUSIE concept; is ChatGPT a rocket scientist?

"If you have someone who is worried, don't slough it off. Deal with it." Enlarge / Starlink 5-3, SpaceX's 200th orbital launch, takes to the skies with a fitting 53 Starlink satellites early Thursday morning. (Thanks, cloud). (cr.....»»

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Acura and Cadillac shine, BMW and Porsche falter at the Rolex 24

The new prototypes put on a good show for a packed crowd at the 24-hour race. Enlarge / Nine GTP race cars from Acura, Cadillac, BMW, and Porsche took part in this year's 24-hour race at Daytona. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin).....»»

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