What happened to OpenAI’s long-term AI risk team?

Former team members have either resigned or been absorbed into other research groups. Enlarge (credit: Benj Edwards) In July last year, OpenAI announced the formation of a new research team that would prepare for the adv.....»»

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The nature of consciousness, and how to enjoy it while you can

In his new book, Christof Koch views consciousness as a theorist and an aficionado. Enlarge (credit: SEAN GLADWELL) Unraveling how consciousness arises out of particular configurations of organic matter is a quest that h.....»»

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Slack users horrified to discover messages used for AI training

Slack says policy changes are imminent amid backlash. Enlarge (credit: Tim Robberts | DigitalVision) After launching Slack AI in February, Slack appears to be digging its heels in, defending its vague policy that by defa.....»»

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Using vague language about scientific facts misleads readers

Using subjective phrasing like "scientists believe" makes facts seem like opinions. Enlarge Anyone can do a simple experiment. Navigate to a search engine that offers suggested completions for what you type, and start t.....»»

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Financial institutions have 30 days to disclose breaches under new rules

Amendments contain loopholes that may blunt their effectiveness. Enlarge (credit: Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will require some financial institutions to disclose secur.....»»

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“Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups

UniSuper, a $135 billion pension account, details its cloud compute nightmare. Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images) Buried under the news from Google I/O this week is one of Google Cloud's biggest blunders ever:.....»»

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Leaks from Valve’s Deadlock look like a pressed sandwich of every game around

Is there something new underneath a whole bunch of familiar game elements? Enlarge / Valve has its own canon of games full of artifacts and concepts worth emulating, as seen in a 2018 tour of its offices. (credit: Sam Machkovech).....»»

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Cats playing with robots proves a winning combo in novel art installation

Cat Royale project explores what it takes to trust a robot to look after beloved pets. Enlarge / A kitty named Clover prepares to play with a robot arm in the Cat Royale "multi-species" science/art installation . (credit: Blast T.....»»

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OpenAI will use Reddit posts to train ChatGPT under new deal

Reddit has been eager to sell data from user posts. Enlarge (credit: Getty) Stuff posted on Reddit is getting incorporated into ChatGPT, Reddit and OpenAI announced on Thursday. The new partnership grants OpenAI access.....»»

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The Apple TV is coming for the Raspberry Pi’s retro emulation box crown

Apple’s restrictions will still hold it back, but there’s a lot of possibility. Enlarge / The RetroArch app installed in tvOS. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Apple’s initial pitch for the tvOS and the Apple TV as it c.....»»

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“Outrageously” priced weight-loss drugs could bankrupt US health care

Prices would need to be dramatically slashed to avoid increasing the national deficit. Enlarge / Packaging for Wegovy, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, is seen in this illustration photo. (credit: Getty | Jakub Porzycki) Wi.....»»

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How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time

"Static recompilation" is "the difference between weeks of work and years of work." Enlarge / "N-tel (64) Inside" (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) In recent years, we've reported on multiple efforts to reverse-engi.....»»

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Twitter URLs redirect to as Musk gets closer to killing the Twitter name stops redirecting to over a year after company name change. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kirill Kudryavtsev) links are now redirecting to the domain as Elon Musk gets closer to wipi.....»»

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Rocket Report: Starship stacked; Georgia shuts the door on Spaceport Camden

United Launch Alliance is under pressure ramp up the flight rate for the new Vulcan rocket. Enlarge / On Wednesday, SpaceX fully stacked the Super Heavy booster and Starship upper stage for the mega-rocket's next test flight from.....»»

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How I upgraded my water heater and discovered how bad smart home security can be

Could you really control someone's hot water with just an email address? Enlarge / This is essentially the kind of water heater the author has hooked up, minus the Wi-Fi module that led him down a rabbit hole. Also, not 140-degre.....»»

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Sony Music opts out of AI training for its entire catalog

Music group contacts more than 700 companies to prohibit use of content Enlarge / The Sony Music letter expressly prohibits artificial intelligence developers from using its music — which includes artists such as Beyoncé. (cr.....»»

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Europe is uncertain whether its ambitious Mercury probe can reach the planet

"We are working hard on resolving these uncertainties." An artist's rendering of the BepiColombo mission, a joint ESA/JAXA project, which will take two spacecraft to the harsh environment of Mercury. (credit: ESA) This.....»»

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sues Meta, citing chatbot’s reply as evidence of shadowban

Presidential candidate believes Meta’s chatbot can reliably reveal shadowbans. Enlarge / Screenshot from the documentary Who Is Bobby Kennedy? (credit: In a lawsuit that seems determined to ignor.....»»

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Ultra-spicy One Chip Challenge chip contributed to teen’s death, report says

The high dose of capsaicin paired with a heart defect appear to have contributed. Enlarge (credit: Sarah Dussault/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images) An autopsy report of a Massachusetts teen who tragical.....»»

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Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies

Alleged $6.8M conspiracy involved "laptop farm," identity theft, and résumé coaching. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | the-lightwriter) An Arizona woman has been accused of helping generate millions of dollars for North.....»»

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