Gnatalie is the only green-boned dinosaur found on the planet. She will be on display in LA

The latest dinosaur being mounted at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles is not only a member of a new species—it's also the only one found on the planet whose bones are green, according to museum officials......»»

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9,000 evacuated in northeast Canada due to wildfires

Around 9,000 people have been evacuated in northeastern Canada because of raging wildfires, officials said Saturday......»»

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Highway to hell? Plan for Germany"s biggest motorway sparks anger

A proposal to create Germany's biggest motorway has sparked a backlash, with critics fearful the "monstrosity" will increase climate-damaging emissions, worsen noise pollution and harm biodiverse habitats......»»

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How medical schools can be more accountable to society through community connections

The need for relevant and responsive health-care that improves people's health outcomes means that medical schools need to be accountable for what and how they teach. Medical schools are responsible for training health practitioners who can help impr.....»»

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3D genome extracted from "freeze-dried" woolly mammoth

About 52,000 years ago, the skinned hide of a Siberian woolly mammoth was exposed to conditions so frigid that it spontaneously freeze-dried, locking its DNA fragments into place......»»

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Nearby exoplanet could be first known ocean world: Webb telescope

A planet relatively close to Earth could be the first ever detected with a potentially life-sustaining liquid ocean outside our Solar System, according to scientists using the James Webb space telescope......»»

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Along shifting coastlines, scientists bring the future into focus

In the wet, muddy places where America's rivers and lands meet the sea, scientists from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are unearthing clues to better understand how these vital landscapes are evolving under climate change......»»

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Webb Space Telescope"s latest cosmic shot shows pair of intertwined galaxies glowing in infrared

The Webb Space Telescope has captured a pair of intertwined galaxies glowing in the infrared......»»

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Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Melting sea ice in the fast-warming Arctic Ocean is not making it easier for sailors to navigate a legendary shortcut between Europe and Asia despite popular belief, scientists said Thursday......»»

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AI makes writing easier, but stories sound alike

Books and movies of the future could all start to feel the same if creative industries embrace artificial intelligence to help write stories, a study published on Friday warned......»»

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Saturday Citations: The first Goldilocks black hole; Toxoplasma gondii metabolism; pumping at the speed of muscle

This week: Physicists conducted a biological study, engineers built a waste-recycling suit for astronauts (and worm riders), and astronomers identified the first known intermediate-mass black hole, and it's right here in our own galactic back yard......»»

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Scientists demonstrate chemical reservoir computation using the formose reaction

Researchers from the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University, Netherlands, have demonstrated that a complex self-organizing chemical reaction network can perform various computational tasks, such as nonlinear classification and co.....»»

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Research shows gamified investment sites have risks for novice investors

What happens when online investment trading platforms start to resemble games that keep people playing for hours, with badges and exploding confetti to reward investors for their engagement?.....»»

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SpaceX rocket accident leaves company"s Starlink satellites in wrong orbit

A SpaceX rocket has failed for the first time in nearly a decade, leaving the company's internet satellites in an orbit so low that they're doomed to fall through the atmosphere and burn up......»»

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Crucial farm jobs dry up in drought-stricken Morocco

In a sun-baked village north of Morocco's capital Rabat, Mustapha Loubaoui and other itinerant workers wait idly by the roadside for farm work made scarce by a six-year drought......»»

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375-pound loggerhead sea turtle returns to Atlantic Ocean after 3 months of rehab in Florida

A 375-pound (170-kilogram) sea turtle has been released back into the Atlantic Ocean after three months of rehabilitation in Florida......»»

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New class of organic nanoparticles shows promise for diverse applications

Nanoparticles have a wide variety of applications, from drug delivery to electronics to air purification. Their small size and tunable properties make them particularly valuable for technological advancements and scientific research. When polymers ma.....»»

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Just a Category 1 hurricane? Don"t be fooled by a number—It could be more devastating than a Cat 5

Here's a troubling phrase hurricane forecasters hate but often hear: "It's just a Category 1. Nothing to worry about.".....»»

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Study examines urban forests across the United States

In recent years, tree-planting campaigns have been underway in the United States, especially in cities, as part of climate mitigation efforts......»»

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket experiences rare failure

SpaceX's highly reliable Falcon 9 rocket has experienced a rare failure that means the latest batch of the company's Starlink satellites won't make it into orbit, the company said Friday, as regulators opened an investigation......»»

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