The Case for a Small Modular Reactor Revolution in Nuclear Energy

Dr. Sola Talabi, an adjunct assistant professor of nuclear engineering, believes nuclear power "has the ability to solve" the world's two biggest problems: global energy poverty and global warming. He tells the Daily Beast, "Nuclear can uniquely ad.....»»

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Analysis: Russia Prepares To Seize Western Firms Looking To Leave

"Russia is advancing a new law allowing it to take control of the local businesses of western companies that decide to leave in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine," reports Reuters, "raising the stakes for multinationals trying to exit." The l.....»»

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Ukrainian Fighters Take to Electric Bikes in War Against Russia

"Ukrainian fighters are using electric bikes in the battle against Russia," reports the Washington Post, "mostly in support of reconnaissance missions, demining operations and medical deliveries, according to one of the Ukrainian e-bike makers involv.....»»

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Remote Learning Apps Tracked Millions of US Children During Pandemic

An international investigation uncovered some disturbing results, reports the Washington Post. "Millions of children had their online behaviors and personal information tracked by the apps and websites they used for school during the pandemic..." Th.....»»

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Cydia"s Antitrust Case Against Apple Can Proceed, Judge Rules

In 2018, Engadget described Cydia as the maker of an app store for jailbroken iPhones that shut down claiming it just wasn't profitable (after operating for nearly a decade). But now Cydia has filed an antitrust case against Apple, Engadget reports.....»»

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25 Gigabit Per Second Fiber Retail Broadband Service Demoed in New Zealand

25 gigabits per second — both downloading and uploading. CRN reports broadband infrastructure wholesaler Chorus demonstrated those speeds over their existing passive optical fiber network [PON]. The demonstration in Auckland achieved 21.4 Gbps.....»»

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Disney+ Premiers New Star Wars Miniseries "Obi-Wan Kenobi"

CNET reviews Obi-Wan Kenobi, the new six-episode miniseries premiering today on Disney+ It's a question that's vexed Star Wars fans for decades: How did the bad guys not find Luke Skywalker when he was literally hiding in his father's old home? New.....»»

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How CentOS Stream and RHEL 9 Led to AlmaLinux 9

ZDNet writes that in late 2020 Red Hat decided "they'd no longer release CentOS Linux as a standalone distribution. Instead, CentOS Stream would work as a beta for RHEL." So where are we now? The competition immediately sprang up to replace CentOS......»»

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Algorithms in Videogames Criticized for Choosing Fairly-Matched Opponents

Multiplayer games assign your opponents using "skill-based matchmaking," reports the Washington Post, "to fairly balance teams and maximize the enjoyment players get..." But not everyone wants that. For example, the Post notes, "streamers want to p.....»»

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Google is Rolling Out Chrome 102 with 32 Security Fixes, One Critical

This week Google began a rolling release for stable Chrome version 102 "with 32 security fixes for browser on Windows, Mac and Linux," reports ZDNet: Chrome 102 for the desktop includes 32 security fixes reported to Google by external researchers. T.....»»

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Newest Version of Systemd Includes Experimental Feature for A/B-Style Updating

"Let's popularize image-based OSes," writes Lennart Poettering, "with modernized security properties built around immutability, SecureBoot, TPM2, adaptability, auto-updating, factory reset, uniformity — built from traditional distribution packa.....»»

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Tiny Robotic Crab Is Smallest-Ever Remote-Controlled Walking Robot

Northwestern University engineers have developed the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot -- and it comes in the form of a tiny, adorable peekytoe crab. From the report: Just a half-millimeter wide, the tiny crabs can bend, twist, crawl, wal.....»»

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NASA Praises Boeing Starliner"s "Picture Perfect" Return from ISS Visit

Boeing's Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT-2) "is officially a success," reports That's the verdict that leaders at NASA and Boeing gave during a press briefing on Wednesday night (May 25), a few hours after the aerospace giant's Starliner capsu.....»»

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Microsoft Brings "Windows Subsystem for Linux 2" to Window Server 2022

With the latest preview patch, Windows Server 2022 now supports WSL2 Linux distros, the Register reports: The move ends an odyssey that began with the arrival of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 on Windows 10 several years ago and with users'.....»»

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PhD Students Face Cash Crisis with Wages That Don"t Cover Living Costs

Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm shares this surprising report from Nature. "Salaries for PhD students in the biological sciences fall well below the basic cost of living at almost every institution and department in the United States, according to data colle.....»»

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Scientists Use Nanoparticles To Break Through Shield That Brain Tumors Use To Avoid Detection By the Immune System

Scientists from the University of Michigan have "fabricated a nanoparticle to deliver an inhibitor to brain tumor in mouse models, where the drug successfully turned on the immune system to eliminate the cancer," reports ScienceDaily. "The process al.....»»

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Substack Pauses Fundraising Efforts of Potential 100x Valuation

Substack stopped fundraising efforts for a round of $75 million to $100 million, the New York Times reported Thursday. Axios reports: The round could have valued the newsletter publication platform between $750 million and $1 billion. But the abandon.....»»

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New Airbus Facility To Research Cryogenic Fuel Systems For Next-Gen Hydrogen Planes

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Airbus is launching a U.K.-based facility focused on hydrogen technologies, a move which represents the firm's latest attempt to support the design of its next generation of aircraft. In a statement Wedn.....»»

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IndyCar Is Moving To 100% Renewable Ethanol In 2023

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The IndyCar racing series is switching to an entirely renewable fuel next year. On Friday, ahead of Sunday's Indianapolis 500 race, IndyCar announced that starting next year, the race cars will b.....»»

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GoodWill Ransomware Forces Victims To Donate To the Poor

New submitter Grokew writes: "GoodWill ransomware group propagates very unusual demands in exchange for the decryption key," reports CloudSEK. "The Robin Hood-like group is forcing its victims to donate to the poor and provides financial assistance t.....»»

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