Quordle today - hints and answers for Sunday, September 24 (game #608)

Looking for Quordle clues? We can help. Plus get the answers to Quordle today and past solutions......»»

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iPhone 15 Pro drop test suggests it"s not as durable as iPhone 14 Pro

Could the new design of Apple's Pro iPhones make it more susceptible to damage when dropped?.....»»

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Microsoft clarifies Windows 11 23H2 update isn’t arriving next week

While the Copilot AI is about to arrive, the big annual update for 2023 won’t be along until later in Q4......»»

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Mac gamers can now play "Baldur"s Gate 3" a day later than expected

Starting Friday, gamers on macOS can play the critically acclaimed role playing game "Baldur's Gate 3."Baldur's Gate 3 was first released on PC in early August and has quickly gained popularity among reviewers and players, with some even considering.....»»

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Law geeks shine a light on secretive Google antitrust trial

With no audio or video, a handful of activists try to ensure world knows what's happening. (credit: Shutterstock) Months out of law school, Yosef Weitzman already has a huge courtroom role in the biggest antitrust trial.....»»

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iOS 16.7 arrives for older iPhones and people who don’t want to upgrade

Apple also updated iOS 15 recently, though it's unclear how long that will last. Enlarge / iPhones running iOS 16. (credit: Apple) Apple has released iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 (and their first minor patch, version 17.0.1) to.....»»

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Microsoft is finally on the verge of closing its Activision deal

Provisional CMA approval sets stage for clearing final regulatory hurdle. Enlarge / Taking a close look... (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has given its provisional appro.....»»

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Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go 3 is officially no longer a budget PC

The Surface Go tablet also gets an update, but only for business customers. Enlarge / Meet the Surface Laptop Go 3. It looks a lot like the Laptop Go 2. NEW YORK—Microsoft is updating two of the cheapest, cutest Sur.....»»

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Microsoft overhauls its pricey Surface Laptop Studio with new CPU, GPU, and RAM

Laptop launches October 3; starts at $2,000 and gets more expensive from there. Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Studio 2. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) NEW YORK—Two years after announcing the original, Microsoft has announ.....»»

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Google sued over fatal Google Maps error after man drove off broken bridge

Google allegedly gave drivers bridge route for years despite correction requests. The collapsed bridge that Philip Paxson drove off of. (credit: Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky) Google is being sued by a widow who says her hus.....»»

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New study looks again at how alcohol influences attraction

Yet another look into how alcohol influences interactions with the desired sex. Enlarge / This beer isn't helping. (credit: Grady Reese) For a phenomenon that is so deeply engrained in the public consciousness, the scien.....»»

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AI-generated books force Amazon to cap e-book publications to 3 per day

"In order to help protect against abuse, we are lowering the volume limits we have in place." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Monday, Amazon introduced a new policy that limits Kindle authors from self-publishing more.....»»

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The Pixel Fold’s screen repair will cost $900

All the displays, cameras, batteries, and back plate are now for sale. The front of the Pixel Fold display. [credit: iF.....»»

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EU game devs ask regulators to look at Unity’s “anti-competitive” bundling

Company's power is a "market failure" with "significant vendor lock risk" for devs. Enlarge In the wake of Unity's sudden fee structure change announcement last week, a European trade group representing thousands of gam.....»»

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Yelp names and shames businesses paying for 5-star reviews

Plus: Amazon announced last week that two fake review brokers were arrested. Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Contributor | Bloomberg) Yelp has started publicly naming and shaming businesses that pay for reviews. The review.....»»

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Don’t throw out those used coffee grounds—use them for 3D printing instead

Any object you create can be thrown back into a coffee grinder and reused on a new object. Enlarge / A pendant, espresso cups, and flower planters 3D-printed from used coffee grounds. (credit: Michael Rivera) Most coffee.....»»

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Independent review finds Mars Sample Return mission important, but broken

"MSR was established with unrealistic budget and schedule expectations from the beginning." Enlarge / The fate of a mission to return samples from Mars hangs in the balance. (credit: NASA) An independent review of NASA's.....»»

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New study on the genetic magnetization of living bacteria shows great potential for biomedicine

Magnetic bacteria possess extraordinary capabilities due to the magnetic nanoparticles, the magnetosomes, which are concatenated inside their cells. A research team at the University of Bayreuth has now transferred all of the approximately 30 genes r.....»»

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Researchers develop first method to study microRNA activity in single cells

MicroRNAs are small molecules that regulate gene activity by binding to and destroying RNAs produced by the genes. More than 60% of all human genes are estimated to be regulated by microRNAs; therefore, it is not surprising that these small molecules.....»»

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Towards a better understanding of early human embryonic development

The onset of embryo-specific gene transcription, also known as embryonic genome activation (EGA), is a crucial step in the developmental journey of an organism. Although EGA has been studied to some extent in mice, human EGA remains largely unexplore.....»»

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