EV sales in China expected to reach over 8 million in 2023

One fourth of the cars sold in China were electric vehicles in 2022, and EV sales are expected to reach more than eight million units in 2023, according to Counterpoint Research......»»

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Infineon teams with Infinitum to drive decarbonization

At APEC 2023, Infineon Technologies announced the company is joining forces with Infinitum, creator of the sustainable, breakthrough air core motor. In this technological collaboration, Infineon will provide silicon carbide (SiC) CoolSiC MOSFETs and.....»»

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BYD reportedly establishes new high-end EV technology Yun-nian

Chinese carmaker BYD has reportedly registered a new trademark, "Yun-nian" (cars adorned with cloud patterns), according to several Chinese media outlets. Sources were cited as saying that Yun-nian is a whole new in-house technology for intelligent m.....»»

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Acer launches in-house developed smart e-bike

Acer has launched an in-house developed smart e-bike, the Acer ebii, featuring Acer's ebiiAssist AI technology to improve the riding experience......»»

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China imports 27 foreign video games as it reopens market to global titles

China has approved 27 foreign video games, including titles to be released by Tencent, NetEase and Bilibili, as it gradually reopens the world's largest mobile entertainment market to international titles......»»

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Google was beloved as an employer for years. Then it laid off thousands by email

On the morning of January 20, one Google employee had to call tech support after getting hit with an unusual error message when they tried to log in to their work system......»»

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US government launches criminal investigation into TikTok parent, reports say

The US government has launched a criminal investigation into TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, over improper access to the personal information of several US citizens, according to Forbes and The New York Times......»»

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FCC cracks down on spammy text messages

The Federal Communications Commission is cracking down on spammy text messages with new rules for telecom companies, citing a surge of consumer complaints in recent years tied to unwanted robotexts......»»

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Ofcom spearheading improved 5G

The millimeter wave spectrum now available across 26GHz and 40GHz bands, Ofcom announced......»»

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Virgin Media O2 creates unique connected playground

The connected playground experience utilizes O2's gigabit broadband......»»

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The experimental observation of quantum avalanches in a many-body localized system

Strongly correlated systems are systems made of particles that strongly interact with one another, to such an extent that their individual behavior depends on the behavior of all other particles in the system. In states that are far from equilibrium,.....»»

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Testing the idea of using a fast-spreading virus to inoculate colonies of bats against rabies

A team of virologists and veterinary scientists from the Medical Research Council–University of Glasgow Center for Virus Research and the University of Glasgow's School of Biodiversity, One Health and Veterinary Medicine, is exploring the idea of g.....»»

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Animal personalities can trip up science, but there"s a solution

Several years ago, Christian Rutz started to wonder whether he was giving his crows enough credit. Rutz, a biologist at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and his team were capturing wild New Caledonian crows and challenging them with puzzles.....»»

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Curbing crime with 3D avatars and intelligent design

Reducing everyday offenses may depend on harnessing the power of virtual reality, conscious design and community spirit......»»

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Building an understanding of quantum turbulence from the ground up

Most people only encounter turbulence as an unpleasant feature of air travel, but it's also a notoriously complex problem for physicists and engineers. The same forces that rattle planes are swirling in a glass of water and even in the whorl of subat.....»»

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Fossilized guano suggests central Oregon region may once have hosted a colony of pterosaurs

A small team of archaeologists, assisted by a large group of volunteers has unearthed what may be evidence of an ancient colony of pterosaurs living in what is now a central region in Oregon. In their paper published in the journal Lethaia, the resea.....»»

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Using AI to see how well past extinctions can predict future biodiversity loss

Evidence from past extinctions cannot be used as a definitive way of predicting future biodiversity loss, scientists have found by using AI......»»

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Filming proteins in motion to understand their functions

Proteins are the heavy-lifters of biochemistry. These beefy molecules act as building blocks, receptors, processors, couriers and catalysts. "Proteins are the molecular machines that power all life on Earth," explained Mark Sherwin, a physics profess.....»»

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Researchers aim to reduce pesticide drift in the lower Mississippi Delta

To reduce the effects of pesticide drift and protect pollinators, researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Stoneville, Mississippi, are investigating the best ways of using hooded sprayers and conve.....»»

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Using rock images to study cult of the gods in pre-Egyptian society

The desert in southern Egypt is filled with hundreds of petroglyphs and inscriptions dating from the Neolithic to the Arab period. The oldest date from the fifth millennium B.C., and few have been studied. Egyptologists at the University of Bonn and.....»»

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