There’s Another Chance to See the Northern Lights This Week

Don’t worry if you missed them in May—due to another geomagnetic storm, the northern lights might again be seen at lower latitudes across the US and Europe, from as early as Tuesday night......»»

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Abortion Rights Groups Rush to Back Kamala Harris

Activists believe that the vice president, who is already the leading voice for reproductive rights in the Biden administration, will champion their cause......»»

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The Global IT Outage Sends Hospitals Reeling

Doctors find themselves without critical systems and diagnostic tools—and face the daunting reality that a full recovery could take days—after CrowdStrike’s botched deployment of a software update......»»

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How to Save Your Home From a Wildfire

Small improvements to the roof, siding, windows, and vents of your house can make a big difference when threatened by the risk of flames......»»

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Enough With the Arrogant Attitudes Towards Extreme Heat

In so many aspects of our culture, we view severe heat as something that should be willingly embraced, bravely endured, or blithely ignored......»»

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The Puzzle of How Large-Scale Order Emerges in Complex Systems

With a new framework, researchers believe they could be close to explaining how regularities emerge on macro scales out of systems made up of uncountable constituent parts......»»

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Newly Discovered Moon Caves Could One Day House Astronauts

Analysis of lunar imagery has ended a longstanding debate over whether there are accessible underground areas on the Moon; an emptied lava tube in the Sea of Tranquility is of particular interest......»»

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To Find Alien Life, We Might Have to Kill It

Missions to explore other worlds, like Mars or Saturn’s moon Titan, could disrupt or destroy extraterrestrial life in the process of seeking it......»»

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Pancreatic Cancer Turns Off a Key Gene in Order to Grow

New research finds out how one of the world’s most aggressive cancers is able to spread so quickly......»»

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Paris Mayor Defies Poop Threats to Swim in Seine, and Prove a Point

French politicians’ pledge to make swimming possible in the iconic river is a way to ward off criticism about the cost of the cleanup operation......»»

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The Race for Space-Based Solar Power

Once a sci-fi staple, the ability to beam solar power from space now seems closer than ever—but a lot of work remains......»»

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The New UK Government Wants Clean Energy, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Public Transport Reform

Legislation in coming years will set up a publicly owned clean power company and leverage the Crown Estate for investment in green infrastructure......»»

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Lab-Grown Meat for Pets Was Just Approved in the UK

UK regulators have issued the first approval for a company to use chicken cells grown in the lab as an ingredient in pet food......»»

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Cutting-Edge Technology Could Massively Reduce the Amount of Energy Used for Air Conditioning

Roughly 10 percent of the world’s energy is used for cooling, with much of the necessary electricity generated by fossil fuels. Companies need to make AC much more efficient—as soon as possible......»»

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It Will Soon Be Easier for Americans to Recycle Batteries

Improperly discarded batteries leak toxic chemicals and are prone to exploding. A new program funded by the Department of Energy will prop up battery drop-off sites across the US......»»

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Everything You See Is a Computational Process, If You Know How to Look

Computer scientist Lance Fortnow writes that by embracing the computations that surround us, we can begin to understand and tame our seemingly random world......»»

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Hurricanes Are Trapping Small Island Nations in Ever-Worsening Spirals of Debt

Damage from tropical storms like Beryl saddles islands with debt, which they have no hope of clearing before the next storm hits......»»

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America’s Aging Dams Are a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

Climate change presents a growing threat to the nation’s nearly 92,000 dams, many of which are more than 100 years old, as heavy rainfall, flooding, and other forms of extreme weather become more common and severe......»»

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It’s Shockingly Easy to Buy Off-Brand Ozempic Online, Even If You Don’t Need It

Weight-loss drugs like Ozempic are in shortage, and telehealth startups are selling “compounded” versions. A WIRED investigation looks at how easy it is to order these meds online......»»

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AI"s Energy Demands Are Out of Control. Welcome to the Internet"s Hyper-Consumption Era

Generative artificial intelligence tools, now part of the everyday user experience online, are causing stress on local power grids and mass water evaporation......»»

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