‘Flash Droughts’ Are the Midwest’s Next Big Climate Threat

New research shows that dry weather is coming on more quickly than before, with little advance warning. It could devastate farmers......»»

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Everything You Need to Know About Monkeypox

Here’s how to recognize monkeypox’s symptoms, how to prevent and treat the disease, and what to do if you think you’ve been exposed to it......»»

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How to Make a Microphone … From a Face Mask

The results won’t be high fidelity, but you can definitely turn sound into electric signals using an N95 and some physics knowledge......»»

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Why Was the Tonga Eruption So Massive? Scientists Have New Clues

Early theories suggested an underwater landslide caused a catastrophic mix of magma and seawater. Recent evidence reveals an explosion unlike anything studied before......»»

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The Story of Abortion Pills and How They Work

Mifepristone and misoprostol are a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy, but many people around the world still don’t know these drugs exist......»»

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Researchers Made Ultracold Quantum Bubbles on the Space Station

NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory runs super-low-temperature experiments in near-zero gravity that would be impossible to accomplish on Earth......»»

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The Mystery of Monkeypox’s Global Spread

Initial genomic sequencing suggests the virus hasn’t mutated to become more transmissible. So what explains its unprecedented rise across the world?.....»»

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Undersea Cables Are the Latest Tools for Earthquake Detection

Rumbles and tides create tiny, detectable disturbances in fiber optics. The world’s cables could form a vast network for detecting earthquakes and tsunamis......»»

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Patients May Not Receive Miscarriage Care in a Post-Roe America

Doctors will be cautious about offering any treatment that could be regarded as an illegal termination—forcing patients to seek out-of-state care......»»

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The Wetlands Are Drowning

A long-term study of a marsh was meant to ask whether rising levels of CO2 could help wetlands thrive despite rising seas. The plants aren’t keeping up......»»

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A Puzzling Quantum Scenario Appears to Violate a Law of Physics

By resolving a paradox about light in a box, researchers hope to clarify the concept of energy in quantum theory......»»

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What the World’s Largest Organism Reveals About Fires and Forests

In Oregon, the tree-killing Humongous Fungus never would have gotten so large without the accidental help of modern fire suppression tactics......»»

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Nuclear Fusion Is Already Facing a Fuel Crisis

It doesn’t even work yet, but nuclear fusion has encountered a shortage of tritium, the key fuel source for the most prominent experimental reactors......»»

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The Online Spider Market Is Massive—and Crawling With Issues

A new study shows the enormous extent of the global arachnid trade, one that might be undermining wild populations......»»

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Boeing Is Ready to Launch Starliner, a Rival to SpaceX’s Dragon

The company’s uncrewed spacecraft will fly to the International Space Station, and if successful, will give NASA astronauts another way to get to orbit......»»

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This Is Where Dirty Old Cars Go to Die

The electric vehicle revolution is gathering speed—but what happens to all those polluting cars already on the road?.....»»

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The Almighty Squabble Over Who Gets to Name Microbes

Scientists are just starting to uncover the vast diversity of microbes out there. The only problem? No one can agree on how to name them......»»

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Roe’s Fall Will Limit Screening for Fatal Congenital Conditions

Many life-limiting conditions can only be detected 12 weeks into pregnancy—but some US states are planning to set to the abortion limit much earlier......»»

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Carbon-Rich Peat Is Disappearing. But Is It Also Growing?

Scientists have discovered “proto-peat” forming in the Arctic as the Earth naturally sequesters carbon, but it could take centuries to mature......»»

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NASA’s InSight Mars Lander’s Days Are Numbered

After the InSight lander studied the strongest marsquake ever detected, scientists gave the space robot a negative prognosis because of its dwindling solar power......»»

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