Self-driving tech firm Aurora hires its first president

Ossa Fisher will play a central role in scaling operations and maintaining relationships with key partners as the company readies to launch driverless trucks next year......»»

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Apple’s rumored headset needs more than an Apple Store app in VR to become a hit

It has been quite a while since we started hearing rumors about Apple’s mixed-reality headset. In recent months, a lot of extra details about the product have leaked out on the internet, as it is expected to be introduced sometime this year. Inter.....»»

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M2 Pro/Max vs M1 Pro/Max: How much faster are the newest Apple Silicon chips?

Apple launched its new M2 Pro and M2 Max custom silicon inside the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini machines. Along with more powerful CPUs, GPUs, and media engines, the chips support up to 96GB unified memory, and even 8K video output. Follow along for.....»»

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Netflix details how it will prevent users from sharing their account password with others

Netflix last year announced that it has been working on a feature to prevent users from sharing their account passwords with others. The change was being tested in some countries as the company claims that users sharing their Netflix accounts hurts.....»»

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Passenger sees his lost wallet fly to different cities thanks to AirTag after airline says it couldn’t find it

Apple’s AirTag has certainly been helping a lot of people around the world find their lost items, especially lost luggage at airports. This time, however, a passenger named John Lewis simply forgot his wallet on an American Airlines aircraft. Alth.....»»

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Ancient fossils shed new light on evolution of sea worm

Ancient fossils have shed new light on a type of sea worm linking it to the time of an evolutionary explosion that gave rise to modern animal life......»»

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Study examines how reflecting on your values before opening your mouth makes for happier relationships

Ever found yourself angry at a situation and in desperate need to tell the world about it by ranting to anyone who'll listen? Maybe it's time to pause; inhale and reflect on what values you hold dear......»»

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Apple Reality Pro: everything we know about Apple’s VR headset

News is swirling about a possible Apple VR headset called Reality Pro, but what should you expect from Apple's foray into mixed reality? Here's what we know......»»

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What MacBooks needs to learn from competitors about transparency

Apple's entry-level M2 MacBook Pros have slower SSDs in their entry-level configurations. And that's something that Apple should be making perfectly clear......»»

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YouTube TV loses MLB Network and MLB.TV add-on

YouTube TV subscribers no longer have MLB Network in their listings, and the MLB.TV add-on is gone, too......»»

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YouTube TV: plans, pricing, channels, how to cancel, and more

Google's cable TV alternative gets more channels every year -- but at $65 per month, is it still a good value?.....»»

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Snap stock plunges 15% as revenue growth stalls

Snapchat's parent company reported stalled revenue growth and a large net loss for the final three months of 2022, as it confronts tighter advertiser budgets amid broader economic uncertainty......»»

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Scorpius X-1: Astronomers may soon detect extreme objects producing gravitational waves continuously

The cosmic zoo contains objects so bizarre and extreme that they generate gravitational waves. Scorpius X-1 is part of that strange collection. It's actually a binary pair: a neutron star orbiting with a low-mass stellar companion called V818 Scorpii.....»»

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Scientists examine geological processes of Monad Regio on Neptune"s largest moon, Triton

In a recent study published in the journal Icarus, a team of researchers at the International Research School of Planetary Science (IRSPS) located at the D'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara in Italy conducted a geological analysis of a region on.....»»

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NASA has simulated a tiny part of the moon here on Earth

Before going to the moon, the Apollo astronauts trained at various sites on Earth that best approximated the lunar surface, such as the volcanic regions Iceland, Hawaii and the U.S. Southwest. To help prepare for upcoming robotic and human Artemis mi.....»»

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Future space telescopes could be 100 meters across, constructed in space, and bent into a precise shape

It is an exciting time for astronomers and cosmologists. Since the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers have been treated to the most vivid and detailed images of the universe ever taken. Webb's powerful infrared imagers, spectrometers, and.....»»

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Astronomers prepare to launch LuSEE night, a test observatory on the far side of the moon

Astronomers have not yet been able to map large portions of the radio emissions from our universe because of interference from the Earth itself. A team of astronomers hopes to change that, beginning with the LuSEE Night mission to the far side of the.....»»

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Study shows that eggshells of large, flightless birds evolved along different tracks

Molecular analysis of the eggshell structure of large flightless birds such as ostriches and emus provides new insights into how they evolved......»»

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More than half of cocoa from the world"s largest producer cannot be traced to its origin

Published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters, a new study investigates the transparency and traceability of cocoa supply chains in Côte d'Ivoire, the world's largest cocoa producer. The results show that less than 45% of cocoa from.....»»

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The secret to fundraising: Allow donors to choose how their money is spent

Researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Universite Libre de Bruxelles have published a new study that documents effective yet inexpensive strategies to make fundraising campaigns more effective......»»

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